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Twitch Viewers Are Incensed That the Website is Supporting a Charity That is Allegedly “Anti-trans”

After adding what some consider to be a “anti-trans” organisation to its live fundraising tool, users of Twitch have voiced their disapproval of the platform’s actions.

Twitch introduced a built-in charity option back in July 2022, making it possible for content creators to raise money for the causes that are most important to them without having to use another website or service.

On December 7, the website, which is owned by Amazon, added more charity to the service, bringing the total to “tens of thousands.”

Users of Twitch were outraged when they discovered that the company had included an option to donate to a charity that was reportedly “anti-trans.”

Twitch users are Furious after Allegedly Advertising an “anti-trans” charity

The charitable group LGB Alliance, which was previously mentioned, has a statement on their website that reads as follows: “We recognise that gender is binary, female and male, and that gender is defined at conception, observed at birth (or in utero), and recorded.” We are opposed to calling into question the binary nature of gender by using unusual medical differences in the course of sexual development.

Users of Twitch have expressed their displeasure with the addition of the allegedly “anti-trans” charity on the site in the comments section of the tweet that made the news.

The Twitch streamer responded to the description by posting a screenshot of it along with his thoughts, which were as follows: “Disgusting. Make sure to check on your “charities.”

“Excuse me, but what?” The LGBT Equality Coalition? A group that is obviously hostile against transgender people? Does Autism speak? Do you not think it would be worthwhile to look into these “charities” once more? one user provided a response.

In addition, individuals asked for the LGB Alliance and Autism Speaks to be removed from the charity fundraising tool by posting a message on the Twitch UserVoice forum.

In the first twenty-four hours after the article was published, he garnered 3,746 votes.

At the time this article was written, Twitch had not reacted to any of the requests that were made, but Dexerto had contacted the platform, and we will update this piece if they do.

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