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Truth Finder App: Trustworthy, Accuracy, Criminal Records, Subscriptions, Safe to Use?

Members of TruthFinder pay a fee to access public records, person finder, and criminal record information. State, federal and municipal data sources have been aggregated and made available electronically through TruthFinder.

The easy-to-read reports from TruthFinder aggregate information from the public domain about people who reside in the United States. TruthFinder makes use of a variety of public record databases, including those containing data on sex offenders at the state and county levels, as well as court dockets, census data, and more. It is illegal to use TruthFinder for consumer credit, insurance, employment, tenant screening, or any other reason subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. TruthFinder does not issue consumer reports, nor is it a consumer-reporting agency (FCRA). Visit the TruthFinder member care page for the most up-to-date information. Overview of TruthFinder: Is it safe and legal?

The lookup services are quite helpful for people who are searching for web information and personal data about a specific person. When you enter a person’s name and phone number into the search engine, TruthFinder performs a reverse lookup on them. You just type in a few names, and Google returns a list of results that match.

Adding any name, phone number, e-mail address, or home address to TruthFinder reveals the person’s information. Name, phone numbers, and other entries disclose a wide range of data and information. You’ll be able to see the target’s entire identity and background, as well as their age, date of birth and any other relevant information.

Truth Finder App

TruthFinder is a web-based tool that uses numerous databases and public search engines to deliver in-depth information. This TruthFinder review will tell you how much TruthFinder costs and how TruthFinder executes all of its functions correctly. Truthfinder’s activities and operations necessitate the use of four of the top free lookup services in the market:

A Safe and Accurate Way to Find Out the Truth

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  • TruthFinder – Legal, Free, and Safe –
  • Searching people with TruthFinder will be much easier if the answers to such queries as, “Is TruthFinder legitimate?” and “Is TruthFinder safe?” are defined here.
  • TruthFinder’s clear and honest review will be acknowledged.

Is TruthFinder Trustworthy?

Yes, it is the solution to your inquiry. Concise instructions on how to use the information offered by the app are laid out. The user interface enforces stringent rules, and it does not enable access to illegal or personal data. The TruthFinder app also explains to its users how not to utilise the information based on company policy.

Is TruthFinder Ad-free?

TruthFinder’s service isn’t free; there are three different subscription options available. The TruthFinder app needs you to purchase a subscription before you can find someone. Depending on the length of your subscription, you can choose from one of three different packages. The software’s pricing plans can be accessed via the interface.

It Is Safe to Use Truthfinder

It’s safe to say that the software doesn’t alert the target to the fact that he or she is being spied on via social media. Users of TruthFinder can remain anonymous thanks to the programme. It’s simple to use and safe to do so. Because it is linked to a variety of search engines, the app never discloses to its users that it is accessing their data.

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Next, let’s talk about how TruthFinder gets the information.
When it comes to gathering relevant information about the subject, TruthFinder has a wide variety of resources at its disposal. Users can search for themselves by using a variety of dashboard settings.

Search for an Older Phone Number

You can use this app’s reverse phone lookup tool to get information on any specific individual, including their phone number and email address, by providing the phone number of that person. The target’s felonies, court proceedings, criminal records, and assault cases are among the information that is made public.

It will also be revealed whether the target’s phone number is associated with any businesses. It is also possible to gain access to the target’s marriages, divorces, and registration on dating websites.

Find Out if Your Target Has Any Criminal Records by Running a Quick Background Check

  • Using an email address to search
  • Anyone can use the program’s mail search to find out the identity of anyone who has an email account. Using this feature helps individuals to identify people or businesses that
  • are not legitimate. With a few clicks, you can find out who owns the email address in question.

Social media profiles and dark web content uploaded to the dark web are among the personal details that have been made public in the wake of this investigation.

Truth Finder App

  • The TruthFinder Service’s high points
  • As soon as you’ve made the payment, you can start looking for folks. It quickly displays and retrieves important records.

There is no risk of revealing one’s identity while conducting background checks on one’s designated person.

  •  TruthFinder delivers a higher level of detail for a particular sort of information. Birthdays, for example, are revealed with the exact date, day, and name of the birthday person.

In addition, it offers a variety of ways for individuals to access the information they need. This can be accomplished by looking up the target’s address and phone number in the White Pages, which is another term for a phone book.

TruthFinder’s drawbacks include a sluggish response time and a display of warnings and permissions while looking for information.

  •  There is a fee for background checks or any other service, and it is not free.

This section focuses on what makes a programme legitimate. It’s hard to deny the app’s many benefits, such as the ability to conduct numerous searches on a single person and show an extensive range of personal data. They’ll learn more about it in the following review.


Valid and accurate findings are displayed by the software. If someone has inquired about the target’s arrest history, for example. A history of arrests and warrants would not be created for the user. Only the target’s history and identification are shown in the application.

Policy to Reduce Crime

Large agencies or investigators utilise the programme to catch crooks and phoney company entities. Because it’s linked to a variety of search engines, the app may look up a person’s criminal history and look up any entries in the national database that identify him as such.

Licensed TruthFinder only gets personal information from the target’s social media profiles, while the rest of the criminal material is found through international records. This means that the app is lawful to use because it does not display private information. The government does not impose any restrictions on the corporation.

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What Goes Wrong When Using the Truthfinder Programme?

Users have voiced concerns about the app’s drawbacks. This is the most common complaint that we’ve found so far:

Subscriptions That Are Required by Law

  • If you want to search, you’ll need to subscribe to the app first. There isn’t a free trial available before you commit to a membership. To search, you must first select a membership package and then input the target’s name or phone number.
  • It’s time to talk about the price of TruthFinder.
    The price of TruthFinder is determined by the subscription plan chosen by the user. You will receive a discount if you pay in advance.
  • Even though a one-month subscription costs $28, if the user pays in advance, he just pays $23 every month. Unlimited reverse phone lookups and background checks can be performed on the target individual.
  •  TruthFinder’s Replacements
    The following list of lookup services that are alternatives to TruthFinder can be used if you aren’t satisfied with TruthFinder’s accuracy and significance.


There are both positive and negative aspects to TruthFinder’s abilities, according to the TruthFinder reviews. Different types of searches may be performed using the app, including those based on a person’s name, phone number, email address, and even physical address. The user can benefit greatly from this feature. He can, for example, utilise an email address lookup tool to discover who is sending the scam emails and who is really behind any threats or blackmail.

Truth Finder App

Using a reverse phone lookup, you can verify your suspicions about the subject’s background and criminal history. One of the fairest criticisms of the application is that it lacks an intuitive user experience for the average person. As a result of this, the app has received a bad rating for its forced membership and frequent upgrades.

To locate someone, all one has to do is type their name into the search bar. People that are curious about the website will find the review useful.

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