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A Brief Overview of the TrustSwap Launchpad

TrustSwap has been hailed as a disruptor in the DeFi field because of its solutions to subscriptions, split payments, and cross-chain token exchanges. Launchpads like TrustSwap’s are meant to help potential and new crypto companies get off the ground.

The team has built a strong community around their product. In order to get early access to the whitelist of these prospective crypto projects, interested investors must deposit a minimum of 4,000 TrustSwap tokens. TrustSwap is powered by SWAP, the native coin of the network. Using SmartLaunch, the platform aims to avoid token sales and rug-pulls as soon as the token becomes live.

A Brief Overview of the TrustSwap Launchpad

In What Ways Does Smartlaunch Benefit New Projects?

Any crypto project will benefit from launching on TrustSwap in the following ways:

  1. Customizable and thoroughly audited by SmartLaunch’s SmartLock service, tokens may be safely locked up for delivery only once particular development milestones or waiting periods have been completed for the SmartLaunch team, developers and early adopters. For investors, this may provide a sense of security and assurance that no one would “exit scam” or dump their OTC coins on a new market that is still in the early stages of development. Additionally, it ensures that project teams and developers are held responsible to the communities they serve by tying remuneration to tangible results.
  2. The TrustSwap team will assist projects chosen for the Launchpad with media and marketing efforts, and these projects will get exposure to a larger audience of bitcoin users. In the beginning, this builds a sense of trust and confidence in the community, which sets the stage for long-term success for the project.

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To Join in Smartlaunch, How Do You Do So?

A minimum of 10,000 SWAP tokens was required to participate in the Chain Games launch. A new mechanism called Launchpad Allocation Mining will be introduced by TrustSwap for future launches based on SwapScore.

The TrustSwap Launchpad will also require projects to airdrop 2 percent of their entire supply to SWAP holders, based on the daily average of SWAP held over time, in order to issue a token (DASH score).

Value Proposition

Decentralized financial (DeFi) apps are a significant value proposition for TrustSwap users and token holders.

A Reliable Solution

TrustSwap was founded by a group of bitcoin entrepreneurs that have been in business for a combined total of more than four years. Other token networks, advisory businesses, and blockchain development organisations are a few examples of this. UI/UX considerations will guide the development of every component of the programme, without sacrificing the two most important features of any financial application: protection of one’s personal information

No Middleman

Escrow costs ranging from 5 percent to 10 percent on significant transactions will be a thing of the past. There is no limit to how much money may be exchanged or traded with strangers over the counter. Using TrustSwap, anybody who needs to make or receive recurrent crypto payments will be able to do so without having to fork out a monthly membership fee.

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Even if you’ve never dealt in cryptocurrencies before, the TrustSwap Dashboard will make it simple for you to conduct an entirely trustless exchange between two people who have never met. Creating regular payment contracts will be a cinch for the typical accountant or operations manager now that it’s so simple. For everyone involved, the dashboard and contract-creation options will make it a cinch

A Brief Overview of the TrustSwap Launchpad


Fees for Escrow are too high

Thousands of dollars in fees are paid to a reputable business to back financial transactions with a new party or several parties.

Untrustworthy Exchanges and Launch Platforms

An initial offering (ICO, STO, or ILO) for a new blockchain project often involves substantial investments to set up distribution and issue the token.

Agreements and Subscription Services are expensive.

Using the services of an attorney to draught an option agreement is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. In order to have a subscription payment set up, third-party cooperation or coding skill is required.

Make Projects More Credible

The possibility of massive whales selling their tokens and causing a token price drop is a major source of uncertainty for many businesses.

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TS Swap Smart

It will now be as simple as making a normal bank transaction to conduct multi-million dollar transactions – and maybe even simpler by eliminating the bureaucracy.

Sophisticated Launching Technology from TS

The use of TrustSwap during the public auction will allow both teams and investors to assure that no one can dump soon after the sale has begun. It’s going to be done in three ways.

  1. Easy integration into the DeFiecosystem with Wrapping as a Service (WaaS). SmartWrap is the name of the game here.
    2. SmartLock with a timer
    3. SmartLock based on events

With TS SmartSubscription,

Using TrustSwap, you may create your own P2P options agreements or set up periodic payments at a fraction of the cost.

The TS SmartLock may be activated by pressing the button on the lock

Send your tokens to a SmartLock, and you’ll get them over the course of a certain length of time.

Privacy & Security

When it comes to dealing with financial matters, confidentiality and security are of the highest significance. Here’s how TrustSwap intends to make its networks, products, and services as safe as possible in the near future.

Model with No Custodial Rights

At no point will TrustSwap be in possession of either the tokens or the stablecoins in question. TrustSwap relies on a non-custodial basis, which means that it never has access to customer money that are locked up in its smart contracts, unlike traditional financial institutions. Money held in the TrustSwap ecosystem may only be recovered by the legitimate private key owner or by the precise beneficiary set specified at the time of contract execution, whichever is the case.

Users are solely responsible for handling any essential data associated with transactions. Participants in the TrustSwap ecosystem will not have to give up their right to privacy in order to take part in the ecosystem.

Governed by the Code of Conduct

Smart contracts manage all of the processes in the TrustSwap ecosystem. It does away with the complexities associated with ensuring compliance, resulting in execution being dictated only by code rather than by prejudice.

Encryption on a Commercial Scale

SWAP coin gains the KECCAK-256 encryption provided by Ethereum as a result of its status as an ERC-20 token. Using the Ethereum blockchain, every transaction is completely immutable and transparent.


Team Behind TrustSwap

In addition to the three original partners, TrustSwap’s tech, operations, and business development teams are all rapidly developing organisations.

Executive Team

Jeff Kirdeikis

(Founding Director & CEO)

Uptrend, the world’s most active blockchain-based social media site, was founded and is led by Jeff. “Cryptocurrency Investing ” is one of the biggest and most active crypto groups on Facebook, and he is also the host of The Bitcoin and Crypto Podcast.”

Adam Barlam

(Founding Director & CTO)
Before launching Bravocoin, a platform that rewards users for submitting reviews with crypto, Adam was the brains behind the decentralised social networking platform Rebuzz. He has worked for Intel and GoDaddy for eight years.


Joaquim Miro

(Founding Director & CGO)

In the past, Joaquim was able to grow two businesses effectively. At GDA Capi-tal, he connects institutional money to crypto, making him the youngest inductee into the Canadian Marketing Association. He has worked with Bombardier and L’Oréal in marketing roles.

Advisory Team

Michael Gu

(Founder, BoxMining)
Boxmining, a prominent cryptocurrency YouTube channel with more than 200,000 subscribers and 15 million views, was founded by Michael, who is also the channel’s founder. Michael is widely regarded as an expert in the bitcoin space since he routinely provides high-quality, impartial coverage. In 2012, Michael started a mining business and made important investments in the crypto-currency industry in 2017.


Ivan Liljeqvist

(Founder, Ivan on Tech Academy)
In addition to his work as a blockchain developer, Ivan on Tech also serves as an educator and a voice in the tech community. Currently, “The Ivan on Tech Academy” is the world’s biggest blockchain academy. 235,000 people follow him on his YouTube channel every day.


Mauvis Ledford

(Former CTO, CoinMarketCap)

For the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mauvis served as both CTO and a Technology and Research Consultant. MouseBelt, the first full-service blockchain accelerator, has him on its advisory board.



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