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Trigun Stampede Ending Explained: Everything Is Here!

Trigun Stampede Ending Explained: Trigun Stampede, the most recent anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow’s space-Western manga series Trigun from 1994, concluded its first season over the weekend. The 2023 adaptation of Vash the Stampede’s exploits across the alien planet Gunsmoke’s desert sparked a great deal of lively, heated debate among fans, regardless of their familiarity with the 1998 anime.

A second season of the anime, referred to as the “Final Phase,” is verified to be in production. While we do not yet know when season 2 of Trigun Stampede will premiere, the brief post-credits scene at the end of season 1’s final episode hints at what’s to come for Vash and Co. It also hints at future characters and events that were not explored in the original 1998 anime produced by Madhouse.

Trigun Stampede Ending Explained:

The first season concludes with both Vash and Knives suffering fatal injuries during the battle. Knives are entirely charred, and Vash is also at the centre of JuLai’s destruction.

Trigun Stampede Ending Explained

Two years later, we see him being treated by a local who calls him “Eriks,” indicating that he survived the occurrence. Roberto is killed during the battle, and Meryl is the only reporter to survive.

Later, she is seen traversing Noman’s Land and returning to JuLai to reflect on the past. She is visited by Zazie, who informs her that “they” are arriving from Earth.

In addition, Meryl receives a call from headquarters informing her that she will be assigned to the insurance department and assisted by Milly Thompson. The anime concludes with Earth’s survivors receiving a signal and preparing for the next phase of their program.

This provides insight into the events that will be depicted in the second season of Trigum Stampede, which will feature the return of the classic Vash.

Next season, Milly will be a regular cast member, and the triumvirate will reunite. Regarding what transpired on Knives, we won’t know until the second season premieres. The first season of Trigun Stampede is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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Trigun Stampede Plot

The anime is set in the future when Earth has lost all of its natural resources and humanity must seek out other planets in order to continue surviving.

They construct “plants” that provide energy to the fleets during their search. Vash and Nai, two brothers born from these power sources, can communicate with vegetation. The twins are rescued just in time by Rem Saverem, who sacrifices herself to ensure their survival after Nai causes the ship to malfunction and cause it to crash.

After discovering that Nai was responsible for the collision, the brothers go their separate ways, as Nai intends to exterminate the human race. After a century or more, we see an adult Vash with a bounty of nearly $6,000,000,000 on his head for destroying numerous Noman’s Land communities.

Trigun Stampede Ending Explained

These communities were established by the crash’s survivors, who relied on the remaining plants to survive on the harsh planet. Meryl Stryfe and Robert De Niro are investigating Vash at the same time and encounter him in Jeneora Rock.

They observe that Vash is revered by the residents because he previously cured their plant. When they discover he has a large bounty on his head, they alter their attitude toward him despite his assistance.

The Nebraskas interrupt their efforts to apprehend him. During the three-way combat, an additional, much more dangerous attacker enters the arena. The E.G. Bomber attempts to murder everyone with his mini bombs in order to steal the Plant, but it is later revealed that he is under the control of Nai, now known as Millions of Knives.

Vash, Meryl, and Roberto travel to JuLai to confront Knives after the battle concludes. On the way, Nicholas, who carries a massive cross on his back, is unintentionally struck.

They transport him to a nearby station, where Zazie attacks them. We subsequently discover that both Zazie and Nicholas were working for Knives. The previous events in the siblings’ lives and how Vash was rescued by a nearby ship after wandering the desert for a long time are covered in Episode 8.

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Back in the present, Nicholas and Vash use the Sandsteamer to travel to JuLai, but they are attacked by Livio, a former closest friend of Nicholas’s.

Knives successfully capture Vash in episode 11 and use him to open the portal to higher dimensions, allowing him to artificially impregnate the plants and create more creatures similar to himself and Vash. Almost all of Vash’s memories are erased, but he is able to recover with Meryl’s assistance and compress the released power into a cube.

The brothers engage in an intense and emotionally charged battle, with Knives attempting to convince Vash to eliminate humans.

Vash is unable to see from the same perspective as JuLai, so he discharges the cube’s power into space to save her. Unfortunately, the remnant power in the crystal still manages to destroy nearly 90% of JuLai, causing Vash’s bounty to increase to $60,000,000,000 in 1998 dollars.

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