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What Is Tradestation : How Much Does Tradestation Cost Per Month?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has authorised and regulated TradeStation International Ltd. (registration number 445531). As an introducing broker for TradeStation Group’s affiliates and non-affiliates, such as Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited, TradeStation International Ltd acts. This website’s content is provided solely for educational and entertainment reasons. This website makes no offers or solicitations to residents of jurisdictions where TradeStation or Interactive Brokers or any of its affiliates are not authorised to conduct business. Any mention of TradeStation or any of its related firms should not be taken as an offer or solicitation.

EU citizens cannot purchase TradeStation Global at this time. There is no investment advice, trading advice, or strategy advice provided by TradeStation International Ltd. regarding any security, group of securities, market segment, or market. Regardless of how successful a strategy has been in the past, it is not a guarantee of future success.


Due to the leveraged nature of Bitcoin futures, options, and CFDs, you should not invest or risk money in these products if you cannot afford to lose. TradeStation Technologies, Inc., a technological research and development business linked with TradeStation International Ltd., owns TradeStation®, EasyLanguage®, and the other company trademarks on the TradeStation Platform. TradeStation Securities, Inc. or Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd provides brokerage and trading services to you via the TradeStation Platform (or elsewhere) and on terms that you may agree with the respective broker-dealer. Neither TradeStation International Ltd nor TradeStation Securities, Inc. is parties to any agreement you may enter into with Interactive Brokers (U.K) Ltd or TradeStation Securities, Inc. regarding the provision of such services.

What Is the Monthly Fee for Tradestation?

Customers who do not have an account with a brokerage firm can still use TradeStation’s services: Monthly fees for non-professional traders are $99; monthly fees for professionals are $199.

Review of Tradestation in 2022

With a powerful trading platform, zero costs, and a vast selection of tradable assets, TradeStation is an excellent choice for busy traders. Please note that we do not promote any third-party products or services included on our website, nor are we responsible for their content. The Israeli Securities Authority does not supervise TradeStation’s activities. The Israel Securities Authority has not yet awarded TradeStation a permit in compliance with Section 49A of the Securities Law, despite TradeStation’s submission of a permit application (1968).

Opportunities for Employment

We at TradeStation are committed to providing our employees with career paths that are as diverse as the people we serve. And therein lies your place. Is your job something you are passionate about? Do you want to make an impact? We are, too. Technical and non-technical disciplines – from software engineering and development to client services and technical support – are all areas in which we actively seek out the best and brightest minds. Ambition is encouraged and rewarded at our company. As a result, we foster an atmosphere that encourages both individual initiative and group effort. We’re just as competitive in the talent department as you are!

Review of Tradestation

In the past, TradeStation was primarily a platform for wealthy, skilled, and active traders. However, this has changed in recent years. For example, TradeStation’s client base has become younger as it removed its minimum financing requirements and platform fees, introduced crypto, launched YouCanTrade1, and partnered with TradingView2. TradeStation has experienced an increase in new clients switching to its award-winning platform and 99.999 per cent uptime3 as more traders desire solid, trustworthy platforms.


Customers of TradeStation can trade and invest across a variety of devices and platforms, including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds, and IPOs.

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Active, technical traders who are looking for advanced charting, testing, order input, and automation tools may consider TradeStation. The new YouCanTrade teaching programme and community, on the other hand, teaches novice investors and traders how to use the TradeStation platform and the financial markets in general. There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a trading platform, and TradeStation is no exception.

The Most Effective Way to

In-depth Trading

A platform for trading in options

To attract active traders, TradeStation’s setup is geared at this demographic. With minimal commissions and a wide range of technical tools, it’s ideal for futures trading, as well as other types of trading. Bonds, mutual funds (particularly those without a transaction charge), research, and fractional shares are not included in its scope of coverage.

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In other words, experienced traders are likely to find a lot to appreciate here, while novices will have to carefully evaluate whether TradeStation suits their requirements. Additionally, if you have a large balance with the broker, TradeStation may be an attractive option for larger accounts because of its competitive cryptocurrency trading rates.

Tradestation Stands Out in a Crowd

Customers Can Choose Between Two Different Pricing Tiers at Tradestation, Depending on Their Specific Needs

No commissions on stock and ETF trading at TS SELECT, which puts it on par with other major competitors like Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab, however, it does not provide all of the advantages they do (see more below). Options trading costs $0.60 per contract with this plan, and all of the broker’s trading tools, such as OptionsStation Pro and Portfolio Maestro, are included via the TradeStation desktop platform at no additional cost.

A Deposit of $2,000 Is Required to Participate in This Plan.

Stock and ETF trading at TS GO is free of commission, making it comparable with other big brokers. A $0.50 per contract option fee is included in the price of this plan; however, there are no free features or tools, such as those indicated above or other backtesting possibilities.


Using the broker’s desktop platform on this plan incurs $10 per stock or options trade in trading fees.

No Minimum Balance Is Required for This Plan

There are competitive stock and ETF trading commissions as well as undiscounted options commissions offered by TradeStation, a full-service online broker, with either plan.

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The industry average for options is $0.65 per contract. No matter which pricing plan you choose, TradeStation beats that number every time.


The brothers William (Bill) and Rafael (Ralph) Cruz, both of Cuban descent, founded TradeStation as a platform for developing, testing, optimising, and automating their trading techniques. Two years after Bill began studying trading at the age of 16, the brothers pooled $2,400 and opened a futures trading account. To put trading theories to the test, the team gathered market data and used it to produce charts. Bill began testing his ideas without the advantage of formal coding skills, resulting in the invention of EasyLanguage, the company’s coding language for non-specialists.

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