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Top 5 contemporary novels to read this season

Reading is one of the joys of life. There are few things that compare to the feeling of a hardcover novel in your hand, the crisp smell of pine and ink on the pages. Curling up in bed with a novel in one hand and a cup of hot cocoa in the other, is another name for comfort. The best part is that there are so many genres floating around that you can always choose what you want to read. This could be based on your mood, current events, or anything relevant in your life. From sappy cute romance to bone-chilling thrillers and entire worlds of fantasy, little escapes this plethora.

Sadly, cable TV and streaming platforms like Netflix have put a sizeable dent on the book market. People just do not read as they used to, even when they can. They choose to watch TV shows or movies instead. This is understandable, but movies just don’t do right by the books, never fully capturing the full essence of the reading experience. Hence, why not take a break from all that binge-watching?

In this article, we discuss some of our top favorite contemporary novels. So, if you are planning to start a reading marathon, you will know exactly where to begin!

If you could see me now 

This masterpiece novel was written by Irish author, Cecelia Ahern and published in 2005. This is novel has just the perfect sprinkle of Ahern magic. It talks about how previous traumas shape us a certain way and how important it is to let them go to finally move on.

If you could see me now is set in a small town of Baile na gCroíth in suburban Ireland. Elizabeth Egan is the female lead, a serious woman, who wears her hair up and does not know the definition of fun. She lives a busy life as an interior designer and a reluctant mother to her sister Saoirse’s son, Luke. Elizabeth Egan and Saoirse were abandoned by their mother when they were mere children who suffered from alcohol addiction. Hence Elizabeth is a quiet woman with a lot of pain buried in her heart which she cannot share with anyone and results in her failing in her romantic endeavors.

Luke’s ‘imaginary’ friend Ivan starts forming a relationship with Elizabeth Egan and their connection blossoms. But Ivan comes from a land where everything is possible and Elizabeth is barely ready to step out of her comfort zone. This novel explores the power of friendship and understanding and how love always is the greatest journey we take.

Read this novel and go on a gorgeous journey to discover true love, pain, and a tale that is sure to leave you in tears. If you could see me now is by far our favorite and perhaps it will be yours too!


If you had one confession to make that no one knows, what would it be? The answer to this question is not simple for Auburn Reed, who keeps a graveyard of a million buried secrets. She has a son who she loves more than life itself, but her life is extremely complicated. The guy who wants to be with her, she can barely stand but has to for the sake of her child. When she stumbles across a painting gallery in her town, looking for work, she finds that confessions sometimes can turn into a piece of art. Owen, the owner of the painting gallery finds her interesting, and there is a certain spark. Is Auburn ready to confess her very own secrets?

This stunning novel by Colleen Hoover talks about the complexities of adult relationships and how love can sometimes turn into a battlefield. Will Auburn be able to escape her shattered past and open her heart to Owen?

This novel is a perfect choice for your weekend read. Pair it up with a cup of hot cocoa because you definitely might need some comfort later!

Run for your life

This novel is written by none other than the thriller king himself – James Patterson. This is one of the books in Patterson’s Michael Bennet series that follows the adventures of a New York detective.

Michael Bennet’s life is thrown in a frenzy when a cold and calculating serial killer goes on a killing rampage in New York. The serial killer who calls himself the Teacher has one clear message for the unbothered people of NY. Remember your manners and follow them or face certain death. For the NY elite, this whole situation is a nightmare that keeps blowing up. With more and more people falling prey to this psychotic killer the case turns high profile and Michael Bennet has to step in.

As Michael Bennet struggles to manage his 10 adopted children with flu with this killer on the loose, things take a turn for the worse. Who is the Teacher and where will he strike next? And why is Detective Bennet in more danger than he realizes?

All the books in the Michael Bennet series are thoroughly interesting and fun. But, this spine-chilling thriller will keep you hooked until the very end After all, is it even a good thriller if you can put the book down?

E is for Evidence

No investigation is too difficult for private investigator Kinsey Millhone who is based in Santa Teresa, California. However, Millhone finds her life thrown upside down overnight, when a mysterious deposit of $5000 appears in her bank account. To make matter worse, she realizes that her recent report for an industrial fire has been compromised, papers faked, appearing she has taken a bribe to cover an insurance fraud. Millhone finds herself out of work and her license suspended, not a good combination.

Even so, Millhone starts a small-time investigation to find out why she is being framed and by who. Her life continues to take a downward turn as she survives a bomb attack and finds a dead body outside her house. Will Kinsey Millhone get to the bottom of this awful secret that is slowly stripping away her life?

The Alphabet series by Sue Grafton is some seriously good work on the thriller front. She has been a gifted writer and you can tell by the way she writes. E for Evidence is just another piece of evidence for Sue Grafton’s remarkable work and is the perfect reading pick for your vacation!

The Broker 

Joel Backman is the famed ‘Broker’ who was considered to be one of the most influential lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Backman’s life falls to pieces when a deal worth several millions of dollars involving a hacked spy satellite that is a state secret, collapses. Backman ends up in jail but that is not all. Six years down the lane, the political agendas have changed and many power-crazy men are out for Backman’s blood. Mere hours before the American President is about to step down, he grants a complete presidential pardon to Joel Backman at the request of the CIA. Backman finds himself out of prison and on to the plane overnight, alighting in Bologna, Italy to start a new life. Several new people try to help him blend into the crowds and teach him the language to fit in better.

CIA leaks Backman’s info to China, Israel, and Russia and sits back to watch whose assassins will reach him first. It is a sick game but the CIA has enjoyed playing it for years. Will Backman realize the big target he has on his back and get out in time?

This novel by John Grisham is sure to keep you on your toes for the entire read. The story is fun and interesting and the plot twist will leave you craving for more!

To wrap up…

Reading is a fun pastime and comes highly recommended to sharpen focus and intellect. Even so, every once in a while you might just want to sit back and watch something instead of reading it. And that is totally okay, as long as you control your screen time. So you can choose your entertainment on your own. Cable TV, streaming services, and books. There is just so much to choose from!

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