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Top 3 Best Crypto Coins To Look Out For In April 2024

Want to know about the best new cryptocurrencies to buy? We’ve put together a guide for buyers looking for the best crypto investments to make in April 2024 because the bull run is still going strong.

As of late March, CoinMarketCap listed more than 2.4 million digital assets. The crypto world is full of opportunities. We’ll be talking about three new cryptocurrencies that are getting a lot of attention from investors in this piece.

Dogecoin20: The Next DOGE?

Dogecoin has been the king of joke coins for a long time. It is now the eighth-largest cryptocurrency and has a market cap of over $26 billion, which is crazy.

However the meme coin market is very competitive, and fans are always looking for new businesses to support. The presale for Dogecoin20, a cryptocurrency that wants to build on Dogecoin’s history while using Ethereum’s green proof-of-stake system, ended not long ago.

People who want to invest in a new cryptocurrency before it hits markets can do so through a presale.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

This strategic move makes Dogecoin20 look like a greener option, which buyers who care about the environment will like. The presale for the project raised $10.5 million, which showed that there was a lot of interest in the market. Early presale buyers made a lot of money by backing the project early.

Dogecoin20 stands out because it offers lucrative staking options with up to 106% APY. It will also start at the same time as the Bitcoin halving event in April 2024, which could lead to big gains for investors.

Instead of putting money into Dogecoin20 right now, buyers should look for a new altcoin ICO or presale. The returns will be much higher.

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Smog: A New Wave In The World Of Meme Coins

As the market for meme coins grows, Smog comes out with a unique idea by using Solana’s fast and flexible blockchain technology.

This project wants to compete with well-known tokens by planning an exciting, high-value airdrop trip for its community.

The amazing start of Smog, which saw its value rise 13 times in just 24 hours, shows how popular Solana-based meme coins could be.

With plans to give away 35% of its total supply through an airdrop campaign and staking rewards of up to 42% APY, Smog is a good choice for 2024 investors who want to spread their holdings with high-yield investments.

Smog Coin

If buyers buy SMOG now that it’s already on exchanges, they may wonder if the gains are still there and if they missed the boat on SMOG. Don’t worry—our next idea is still in pre-sale, and we think it could be bigger than Dogecoin20 and SMOG.

InsanityBets (IBET): Changing The Way You Invest In Crypto Casinos

This platform stands out because it gives back a big chunk of its profits to people who own its $sIBET, $bIBET, and $ILP tokens. They get 85% of the platform fees and 90% of the house profits.

This kind of strategy not only keeps users interested and helps the company grow, but it also makes it more appealing to investors. With an entry price of only $0.0015 and a market value of $7.5 million, InsanityBets is in a great situation to make money in the huge $231 billion industry.

InsanityBets Coin

Early investors have already seen the price rise 50% in one week, and new investors are expected to make huge gains. The presale offers the token at a big discount since it will be listed on the exchange at $0.018; do the math, it’s a great investment!

Conclusion: The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In April 2024

Dogecoin20, Smog, and InsanityBets are three cryptocurrencies that show how varied and changing the crypto market is.

Each one has its own special value, ranging from long-lasting alternatives to meme coins and high-stakes awards to new ways to share profits in the crypto casino world.

For investors who are still getting used to the complicated world of digital assets, these new coins make a strong case to be looked at in April 2024, which could lead to big gains.

Investors like InsanityBets because it has a big presale discount, can be used in the real world, and seems to be the most real crypto ICO out there right now.


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