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Top 10 Most Popular Song : Top Best According to Us Citizens!

YouTube video play counts are one of the most accurate indicators of a song’s popularity, and when a video reaches one billion views, you know it’s one of the most popular songs of all time. At the start of 2015, only two videos had more than a billion views. By the end of the year, ten more had crossed the finish line.

As of 2019, several videos have reached one billion views, with a few others just a few hundred thousand views away. This popularity pyramid is topped by a handful of behemoths. These behemoths have easily reached the billion-dollar mark, and several have even doubled it. These aren’t underappreciated tunes; they’re heartfelt songs we hear all the time.

Luis Fonsi

Despacito feat. Daddy Yankee has 7.7 billion views.

Top 10 Most Popular Song

The powerful one! Despite the inclusion of Justin Bieber in a later version, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s original version of Despacito remains the most-watched music video on YouTube.

Shape of You

Ed Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter.

The shape of You has 5.6 billion views.
Ed Sheeran has been one of the most popular musicians on this list since his debut EP in 2011. Has Shape of You, his most popular song, was released in 2017.

Wiz Khalifa’s

Wiz Khalifa, the mysterious rapper
Puth, Charlie 5.4 billion page visits
Wiz Khalifa, one of the world’s most popular artists and marijuana activists, appears on this list with his chart-topping tune See You Again.

Mark Ronson

Views on YouTube for “Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars”

Uptown Funk has only been seen by 4.2 billion people, yet it is still a terrific song. Bruno Mars collaborated with Mark Ronson on the lead single from Ronson’s fourth album, Uptown Special, to produce a funk masterpiece that will live on forever.


Gangnam Style has become an international phenomenon, with over 4.3 billion views.

When PSY’s Gangnam Style initially debuted on the internet in 2012, it became a global sensation, breaking down international, linguistic, and cultural barriers.

El Chombo

Cutty Ranks – Dame Tu Cosita – 3.8 billion video views

The song Dame Tu Cosita, which initially aired in 1997, has a long and rich history. However, the most popular video version was created by Ultra Music’s 2018 rerelease of an extended version of the song and subsequent distribution agreement with El Chombo.

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Since then, over 4 billion people have viewed this peppy little tune and its quirky alien mascot.

Maroon 5

Sugar has been viewed by 3.6 billion people.

Maroon 5
Sugar, on the other hand, is the band’s biggest hit to date, and they’ve had a lot of them. According to YouTube statistics, the song has been seen over three billion times as of December 31, 2021.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a well-known pop singer.

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This film has been viewed by 3.5 billion people, which is why I’m sorry.
Even though Justin Bieber was unable to perform his interpretation of Despacito, his song Sorry has received over 3.3 billion views on YouTube and remains one of the world’s most popular songs.

Katy Perry’s

Katy Perry’s Roar has been seen over 3.5 billion times on YouTube. Katy Perry deserves a lot of respect for making this list in an industry dominated by men performers since,

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Forever, in fact. Roar, her breakout 2013 single, has exceeded all of her prior singles, including Teenage Dream, California Girls, and, yes, even Last Friday Night, which reached at No. 2.


Counting Stars has been watched by almost 3.4 billion people.

Top 10 Most Popular Song
Although OneRepublic’s Apologize is a well-known song, it was Counting Stars that became a YouTube success.


Songs are the final result of generating music. They are an artistic product, but they are also enormous commerce. The most renowned songs are well-known throughout the world. They are not only regularly played on the radio, hummed in the shower, or sung in karaoke clubs, but they are also or were purchased millions upon millions of times.

The Top 10 tracks by the number of records sold globally are listed below. The Top 10 tracks are ranked based on both physical and digital record sales.

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