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Tones And I Net Worth: What Happened Tones and I?

Tones And I is a singer and songwriter based out of Mornington Peninsula, in the state of Victoria, who performs indie pop music. In the year 2019, Tones gained widespread recognition after the release of her debut single, titled “Dance Monkey.” That tune, which was released by Australian vocalist Tones and I, has been streamed more than a billion times.

And yet, at the time she released it, Tones was still so new to the music industry that even though her song was charting number one across the world, she barely understood what a music chart was! This is despite the fact that her song had already achieved worldwide success before she even released it!

Early Life

Tones And the year 1993 found me being welcomed into the world as Toni Watson on the Mornington Peninsula in the state of Victoria, Australia. It has been suggested that she is just 19 years old; but, when she first came into the public eye in 2019, it was stated that she was only 17 years old. Her age is something of a mystery. Since then, it has been clear that she is most likely a bit older than that and that she was born in 1993 rather than 2000 as was previously believed.

Tones’s primary interest as she was growing up was basketball, and she began participating in the sport on an annual basis when she was only four years old. As she was growing up, she focused all of her attention and energy on competing at increasingly difficult levels.

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Tones developed a second passion for music during the time that she was working hard to escape the challenging childhood she had. When she was about seven years old at the time, her extended family was having a get-together with all of her cousins at a nearby park. The incident took place during this time.

When she and her cousins started singing a song, her aunt immediately saw that Tones was the one who had the most interest in music out of all of them. Tones, however, had to rely solely on herself in order to figure out how to sing because the support structure she had was so inadequate.

Early Career

Tones became a self-taught musician after that time, and she monitored a significant portion of her own development by publishing a cappella versions of popular tunes on her YouTube account beginning around the year 2009. After that, while she was still in high school, she taught herself how to play the piano, and eventually she acquired a drum pad in sound effects certification.

Tones And I Net Worth

After that, she got a job in retail at a clothes store, where she remained for a couple of years until she made the decision to take a break of two weeks in order to pursue her aspirations of becoming a musician. She worked a few jobs and put some of the money she made toward purchasing an RC 300 Loop Station for herself.

After that, Tones uprooted her life and moved to Melbourne, where she began her music career by playing at open mic nights and local festivals. At other times, she would travel to the coastal town of Byron Bay, where she would perform street music for the tourists travelling through the area. On the very first night that she went out to perform as a busker, a music attorney gave her his business card and provided her with some encouragement and guidance.

After a month, she abruptly left her work, drove back to Byron, and called the attorney. The attorney assisted her in being hired by a management company, and she is now employed there. Tones spent the next year primarily residing in her van, performing her music on the streets of the city and honing her skill while she did so.

What Happened Tones and I?

Tones and I have decided to STOP doing music, as previously announced: The Dance Monkey vocalist, who is 27 years old, has decided to forgo a performance career in favour of a career as a songwriter. Tones and I are getting ready to wave goodbye to her job as a live performer so that she may focus on working in the music industry behind the scenes instead.


Tones sent the song that she had composed in February of 2019 titled “Johnny Run Away to the website of Triple J’s Unearthed project, which is a radio station project for newbies. The website is called Unearthed. That song told the tale of hers coming out as gay to his father, and the very same day that Tones submitted it in, the radio station played it.

It had climbed all the way up to number 12 on the Australian Charts by March of that year. That event served as the turning point in her career, and it prompted her to become even more eager to pursue a career in music.

After making a name for herself on alternative radio stations in Australia, Tones was eventually able to secure a recording contract with Bad Batch Records, which is linked with Sony.


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In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Tones issued her debut song, which was titled “Dance Monkey,” in the month of May in 2019. The single was initially successful during her live performances, but it didn’t really take off until it was made available on streaming services like Shazam and Spotify.

The song gained widespread popularity very quickly, and its ascent up the charts was so swift that it broke a record in Australia for the amount of time spent at number one. Additionally, it topped the charts in over 30 nations across the globe.

Tones And I Net Worth

It is anticipated that Tones and I will have a net worth of approximately $4 million by the year 2022. She is quickly becoming one of the most famous singers in the industry despite just having been active for a relatively short period of time.

Tones And I has had an incrediblely quick ascent to popularity, going from busking on the streets of the city only three short years ago to becoming the most popular singer in her home country. The recording artist became famous all over the world after the release of her smash hit tune “Dance Monkey.”

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