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To Stop the “Slander and Defamation” of VTuber, Hololive and NIJISANJI Work Together.

The large agencies VTuber Hololive and NIJISANJI have come together to form a coalition in order to combat “slander and defamation” in the community. The two businesses came to an agreement and published a joint statement in which they thanked fans for their support of their work and explained how they would put an end to abuse.

The two most prominent VTubing agencies are known as Hololive and NIJISANJI. There are over 300 talented individuals playing in Japanese bands, and everyone of them is a viral sensation in their own right.

Although they have worked together in the past on screen, the two firms that are behind them, Cover Corp and ANYCOLOR, have decided to join forces in order to combat the “slander and defamation” that has been directed toward their abilities.

Both companies, in a statement issued jointly on December 5th, commended their respective audiences for “enjoying the diverse content we give.”

“However, on the other hand, we condemn the fact that the reputation or trust in virtual figures and talents associated with our companies is unnecessarily tarnished, and we sincerely regret that acts of slander and the like are committed by some individuals for the purpose of unfairly interfering in the activities of VTuber,” “However, on the other hand, we condemn the fact that the reputation or trust in virtual figures and talents associated with our companies is unnecessarily tar

Historically, these two have tackled this problem on their own, supporting solely their respective businesses. Cover Corp and ANYCOLOR want to go even further by partnering with other firms according to the circumstances and circumstances by combining their efforts and forming a new partnership.

This includes taking action against defamation, invasions of privacy, harassment in real life and on social media, and trolling on social media.

“We will share the know-how to take countermeasures… which includes taking legal actions and building a framework in which we may work jointly with the police and other companies,” the statement read.

Both Hololive and NIJISANJI have already been working together for a number of months, and they have recently revealed that they have eliminated a number of “resume sites that we determined were posting information that tarnished the reputation or trust of our affiliated virtual cookies and talents.”

Since its beginning in September 2021, the NIJISANJI Task Force committed to removing harassment has handled scores of instances, while Hololive is also recognised for dealing with naughty comments behind closed doors.

This occurred after NIJISANJI VTuber Axia Krone posted their video the previous week owing to the hostility he suffered from both passionate supporters and detractors, while Laplus Darkness from Hololive took a long vacation for reasons related to their mental health.

Both firms have expressed the desire that future incidents like this can be avoided to make VTubing a more secure platform for users.

“We have made a significant step forward toward creating an environment in which affiliated virtual activists and talents can comfortably engage in their activities thanks to the fact that this time the two companies are working together and are going to take various countermeasures,” said one of the researchers. “This is a big step forward for us.”

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