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Tips To Incorporate in Your Marketing Strategy to Avoid COVID-19 From Taking A Toll On Your Business

Tips To Incorporate in Your Marketing Strategy to Avoid COVID-19 From Taking A Toll On Your Business

The year 2020 has been a challenging one for all of us and most of us. Man is a gregarious animal, and a life that is devoid of social meetups is not easy for us to adapt to. Further, wearing a mask all the time, repeated washing of hands, and other COVID protocols are things people are struggling to get used to.

All of this, coupled with an increasing fear of the virus and seeing near ones suffering, is taking a toll on the human race.

Amidst such a negative vibe, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to reach out to their customers and market their products or services. Amidst such a sea of change, having a digital marketing strategy is imperative to the growth of a brand.

In fact, with the social distancing norms in place, newer doors of opportunities have opened up in the world of digital marketing and the sooner brands revamp their digital marketing strategies, the better headstart they will get in surviving in a post-pandemic world.

If you are a brand looking to expand the scope of your digital marketing to adapt to the changing times, read on to learn about useful tips that will help you in this.

Offer Selfless Service

In the current situation, it is understandable that you are not getting as much business as before. However, understand that many people are having it worse than you and try to think beyond yourself for once. For example, if you are a service-based firm look for ways in which you can offer discounts on your existing services.

Understand that the pandemic has taken a toll on the livelihood of many people and not everyone is in a position to afford your original rate. By offering a discount, you increase their chances of making a purchase.

If you are into selling products, see if you can offer free shipping to customers who are unable to turn up to your shop and are switching to online service.

By cutting down on your profit margin, you express solidarity with your customers who are going through a difficult time because of the pandemic and earn their long-term trust.

Tell Your Customers About Your Corona Preparedness

After months of complete lockdown, businesses across the world are now gearing up to re-open their doors. Considering the steady rise in COVID cases, it is understandable that some people are skeptical about shopping at retail outlets. An easy way of winning their trust is through video marketing. Prepare a video informing potential customers on the date of reopening and talk about any changes in your business operations.

Things like revised working hours, alternate day of operation, or any other protocols in alignment with local rules can be told through such a video. Take the viewer through your store and illustrate the measures you are taking to keep your employees and customers safe. Video allows a potential customer to have a virtual experience of what the situation will be like and if you do it well, it will prompt them to be open to the idea of shopping again.

Offer Education-based Training to Establish Your Industry Expertise

The coronavirus pandemic has snatched the employment of a lot of people and most of them are looking for ways to upskill themselves. If you can come up with educational videos that are relevant to the area of your business operation, you will be able to draw attention to yourself. The next big thing is to keep a track of the analytical data of your progress. Grab up some Business Analyst training course online and start preparing some eye-catchy analytical reports.

With an online YouTube video maker and a higher availably of time (due to lesser work pressure), you will be able to come up with video lecture series for Udemy, YouTube, or other platforms.

Try to post them at regular intervals and cross-promote your video lectures as much as possible. If possible, make your courses be available to the public for free as that will encourage higher participation. Encourage your viewers to post feedback on your content so that you can improve your videos. Understand that the quality of your educational videos is directly proportional to the faith that people will have on your technical abilities.

Work on Keywords

The coronavirus pandemic has led people to procure products and services online, which they would buy from local stores under normal situations. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to reach out to them and convert such leads to sales. To do that, start by optimizing your video content with SEO keywords.

Go to YouTube or Google and type in a few words that are relevant to your video. You will find that the search engine offers you some suggestions. These are the words that people type while searching for content that is similar to yours. Having these in your video title or description will increase its visibility.

If your digital marketing strategy involves blogs than use the same method to search keywords from Google search. This is an organic way of doing keyword research and if you do not have the time for it, using a keyword generator tool is a viable option.

Do Not Get Disconnected From Your Customers

Due to COVID-19 or the health and safety norms in place because of the virus, your business may be temporarily stalled. Do not let that allow you to disconnect from your users. Such a thing will take a toll on the reputation that you had taken years to build.

Even if you are not operating maintain your presence across social media platforms and keep your customers informed of any changes in your business policies. By making regular posts, conducting live sessions, and engaging in the content posted by your customers in relevant social media groups, you ensure that they remain familiar with your brand name. This will make it much easier for you to pick up your business in a post-pandemic world.

You must remember that the night is darkest before dawn and this difficult time will also pass. That day, all the digital marketing efforts that you put in today will bear fruit, and your business will scale new heights of success.

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