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Tiktok was Spying on Millions of Apple iPhone Users

tiktok spying 2020

Apple recently unveiled its latest operating system Apple iOS 14 during the WWDC 2020 event. The new iOS has a feature that detects apps that are accessing users’ data.

If any app does this in the new iOS 14, the user will get a warning. With the help of this feature in the new iOS 14 beta, it has been revealed that the popular short video-sharing app TikTok was accessing the clipboard of Apple iPhone in the background.

Security researchers Tommy Misk and Talal Haj Bakri informed that Tiktok’s name is also included in the apps that access users’ data. TikTok’s parent company Bytdance had reported that the problem was due to the outdated Google Advertising SDK which was replaced.

It is worth noting that in April the company promised that it has been fixed but it is not at all that the new privacy feature in Apple iOS 14 has revealed that TikTok is not one but frequently accessing the clipboard Has been caught

About this problem, TikTok says that this problem is being caused by the feature that detects repetitive and space behavior. TikTok said that we have already submitted an updated version in the App Store and the anti-spam feature has been removed with this new update, due to which no such confusions will arise again in the future. When this flaw was encountered, TikTok said that now the company will not be able to read the text on the Apple iPhone clipboard.

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