These states will offer stimulus checks in December 2021

President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda received a boost when the Democrats in the House have passed legislation. The bill will have to get clearance from the Senate now. However, the bill is not mentioning a fourth nationwide stimulus check. The US households received $1,400 stimulus checks in March while the advance Child Tax Credit payments started in July. However, it has to be pointed out that millions of Americans are in distress now and have been struggling to cover regular expenses. That’s the reason why there have been calls for further stimulus checks. Though there was setback for additional federal stimulus check, some states are responding to the crisis in a remarkable fashion. The states are sending their own payments to residents regularly.

Maine recently announced a Disaster Relief Payment of $285. The aid, which started in November, will run for this entire year. This statewide benefit plan is expected to provide relief to more than half a million Mainers.

Relief checks

The @GovJanetMills announced relief checks for frontline workers this week. A one-time payment of $285 will be provided to more than 500k Mainers. The payment is an acknowledgement for the hard work and sacrifice of the workers during the pandemic.  Another state which is providing relief to people is California. It is giving residents payments between $600 and $1,100 as part of the second Golden State Stimulus tax rebate program. The state offered first round for low-income residents and Californians who weren’t eligible for the federal stimulus checks. Payments will continue through the end of the year. Maryland too joined the relief efforts for people by giving checks up to $500 to poorest families. They offered $300 to its poorest single filers. Considering the struggles faced by people throughout the country, the gesture from states provided timely help to the needy.

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