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These Apps will Help in following Social Distancing to Prevent Coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreaks are increasing in India. The government is taking several decisions to protect people from this. Despite this, the number of infected people is increasing.

People are being explained that they have to keep a distance from each other, but people are not completely following social distancing. For this, they can protect themselves by taking the help of some apps and tools.

Social Distancing Mobile App

Arogya Setu App

The Arogya Setu App launched by the Government of India can help you to follow social distancing and avoid coronavirus. Through this, people come to know how far away from them there is a coronavirus infected person. If you come in contact with an infected person, it will alert you. It will also explain how you can isolate yourself.

Google Sodar App

Google has launched Sodar, a tool to help Android users follow social distancing rules. This tool is in the camera of Android smartphones. It makes you a circle by keeping it in the center, whose radius is two meters i.e. 6.5 feet. As the user moves, it will grow with him and make a circle accordingly. As soon as you come around the infected people or area, it immediately gives you a visual warning.

1point5 App

The 1point5 app is developed by the United Nations. It scans nearby mobile devices. As soon as a device comes inside the 1.5-meter radius of your mobile, it sends an alert to you.

On receiving the alert, your smartphone will vibrate and you will see a photo, which will give instructions to maintain social distancing. You can download it from Google Play or App Store.

DROR Mobile App

Personal security app DROR was launched for social distancing due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in India. The app developed by Gurugram-based start-up is available on DROR available on Android and iOS.

This app also provides a 24×7 helpline, tracking option, support service center, ambulance services etc. Users can also get daily and monthly reports for information about how much social distancing has been followed.

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