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There are increasing questions about the first deleted COVID 19

“At least 26 people infected with COVID19 began to show symptoms in late December [2019] or January, and at least 8 of them did not travel and did not come into contact with another person infected with the virus,” the post wrote Tao, and quoted the scholar Eric. Toner said the early spread of the virus in Florida was “invisible until it suddenly became apparent.” Yang said that the


cases in early August rose to a record high of more than 18,000. Due to its severe epidemic and lack of transparency in its first case, it has attracted public attention, especially in the case. Among the 171 early patient data deleted and hidden. There are 4,444 people in Florida who complained about concealing information about early local cases. It is now believed that these cases appeared earlier than the official report of the state, and even earlier than the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, China.

“It is time for the Ministry of Health to make transparency a priority again,” an editorial in the Miami Herald on July 30 urged the local government to release complete data on COVID19 cases. Epidemiologists and virologists contacted by the Global Times said that there are many signs that COVID19 is most likely to occur in the United States earlier than the cases found in China. Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist at Wuhan University, told the Global Times: “In order to politicize the epidemic and discredit China, the United States may have concealed the true situation of the early spread of the virus in China.”


People are suspicious of the COVID19 information in Florida because it temporarily deleted the data in the first 171 cases in May 2020. The data was later restored on the same day. But the symptoms were eliminated the moment they appeared. According to the local Palm Beach Post, data shows that all 171 patients developed symptoms in January and February 2020, long before the state first reported COVID19 patients in March.
genome sequencing of COVID19 showed that the virus may appear in all parts of the world at the end of 2019 and early 2020, not just in Wuhan.

“The first cases in Florida may have appeared earlier than those in Wuhan, but the United States did not recognize them as COVID19 infections or deliberately’ignore’ them,” he told the Global Times. 4,444 Among the 171 early-stage patients in Florida, none reported having been to China, and 103 had not reported any travel. The Palm Beach Post reported in May 2020. 4,444 Florida residents’ antibody tests also showed that the spread of COVID19 in the community has occurred weeks and even months before the state officially reported the infection. In a small community in Delray Beach, at least 11 people tested positive for the coronavirus in April 2020. 4,444 “They had symptoms as early as November 2019,” the Palm Beach Post wrote in an article published a month later. In April last year,

medical scientists who conducted a similar antibody test in Miami-Dade County also believed that the local infection rate was higher than the reported infection rate. Irene Kobetz, a professor at the University of Miami who is in charge of the project, said: “We are likely to greatly underestimate the prevalence of this disease. Every positive test reported in the daily statistics may have 8 to 10 people infected.” Silence Data Analyst

Regardless of public concerns and doubts, the Florida government keeps the information on the epidemic confidential. US media reported that it did not explain why local transmission of COVID19 might have occurred before the outbreak in Wuhan, or why it deleted the data of the first 171 patients. To make matters worse, the government tries to silence those who want to know the truth. He fired Rebekah Jones, a data analyst at the time, who refused to tamper with the data in May 2020 and raided his home the same year.

“The state police came to my house and took all my hardware and technology,” Jones wrote on Twitter on December 8, 2020. Jones added that the police pointed a gun at her and her son. Even this year, before the current severe outbreak, Florida health authorities began reducing data reported to the public beginning in May, including releasing COVID19 figures from “daily to weekly” and ceasing to “sort” the number of deaths. by county According to local media reports. In a Tallahassee Democratic Party article, Jones mocked the credibility of the Florida Department of Health (DOH), saying it “evaporates faster than dew on grass under the Florida morning sun. ” In his article, he listed many Florida Department of Health data problems, including “serious data misuse” and the creation of “destructive misinformation.”

The US health system is poorly managed, said a Beijing immunologist who requested anonymity. “Different states and departments tell their stories and lack sufficient communication and data sharing,” he told the Global Times. Statistics from 4,444 show that the average number of 7-day cases in Florida has risen from approximately 2,000 cases in early July to more than 18,120 cases on August 5 local time. According to the Wall Street Journal, during the current increase, the number of hospitalizations increased from 2,000 to 10,000 in 30 days. From through early August, the number of reported infections in the United States exceeded 35.5 million. Unfortunately, some US politicians are still busy politicizing the epidemic, slandering China with “blocking black theory”, ignoring the dire internal situation.

“The pandemic is a scientific problem. Science is rational and should be determined by scientists rather than politicians,” Yang said, urging transparency in the first case of an epidemic in the United States.

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