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The Walking Dead Season 12: The Countdown Begins!

The Walking Dead Season 12: After 177 episodes and numerous zombie deaths, The Walking Dead has ended. Well, at least the main attraction. Beyond the final episode, titled “Rest In Peace,” some of your favorite survivors will continue to excel at what they do best: survive.

However, why did The Walking Dead leave our television screens in the first place? When will Dog receive his own spinoff series? Here is everything you need to know regarding The Walking Dead franchise and life after death.

Why the Walking Dead Was Cancelled

Season 12 of The Walking Dead is currently in production, but it is unknown whether the show will be renewed or canceled. AMC’s rating juggernaut, the show’s popularity has recently declined.

The show has been a critical rating phenomenon for the network. With the recent decline in ratings, however, many question whether the show will be renewed for a second season. The answer is currently unclear, but this article will attempt to clarify the situation.

The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date

The premiere date for Season 12 of The Walking Dead has not yet been announced, but fans believe it will air in 2023. Due to this, we must wait until The Walking Dead’s production company makes all necessary statements regarding Season 12 before proceeding.

The Walking Dead Season 12

The Walking Dead Storyline

The Walking Dead has aired for eleven seasons, which is quite a long time for a series to endure with the audience’s love and support. Despite having a very simple premise, the show has maintained a level of intrigue throughout its existence.

The world has been overrun by zombies, and those who have survived must fight to stay alive while avoiding the hordes of the undead. This is The Walking Dead’s central premise, which follows their struggles. In order to survive, they will need to overcome a variety of obstacles and adversaries.

The Walking Dead Cast

Season 12 of The Walking Dead, if ever produced, would also feature the return of the series’ central protagonists. Despite the lack of official confirmation, the following cast and characters are likely to appear in The Walking Dead season 12.

Characters Name Roled Played By
Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln
Shane Walsh Jon Bernthal
Lori Grimes Sarah Wayne Callies
Andrea Laurie Holden
Dale Horvath Jeffrey DeMunn
Glenn Rhee Steven Yeun
Carl Grimes Chandler Riggs
Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus

What Are the Ratings for the Show?

The premiere of The Walking Dead’s first season occurred on November 5, 2010, and all of the show’s viewers adored it. The series received numerous positive online reviews and ratings. It has an IMDb rating of 8.2/10, a Rotten Tomatoes score of 80%, and an audience rating of 78% on average.

What Would the Walking Dead Season 12’s Story Be?

The plot of The Walking Dead season 12 would depend entirely on the evolution of AMC’s post-apocalyptic universe. With Daryl Dixon heading to France and Negan accompanying Maggie to New York City, The Walking Dead’s world will undergo a massive geographical expansion, bringing with it new lore and twists.

Therefore, a potential season 12 of The Walking Dead would be markedly distinct from previous installments. CRM is a potential story inclusion.

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The helicopter crew that abducted Rick Grimes has been alluded to throughout all Walking Dead properties and will likely play a significant role in upcoming spinoffs. If season 12 of The Walking Dead ever occurs, the CRM could play the antagonistic role.

The Walking Dead Season 12

Where Can I Watch the Walking Dead?

If you wish to watch this upcoming episode, you can do so on AMC Networks, the series’ official home. This series is available on Netflix, Google Play, and Amazon Prime for online viewing. If you’ve missed an episode, you can view it on any premium online site at any time or location.

Is There Any Trailer for the Walking Dead Season 12?

We currently do not have any images, posters, or trailers for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, as production on the new season has not yet begun. Once we have more information, we will share it with you on this page.

How Many Episodes of the Walking Dead Season 12 Will Be There?

When The Walking Dead returns for its twelfth season, viewers will be curious as to how many episodes remain before the season concludes. Despite the fact that the show has been known to occasionally alter its format, viewers can expect the same number of episodes as usual.

How many episodes will make up Season 12 of The Walking Dead? Season 12 of The Walking Dead will consist of 16 episodes, the same number as seasons 11 and 10.

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The Walking Dead’s Season 12 premiere date has yet to be announced, leaving fans in the dark about when the show will return. Until the production company makes an official statement, we must remain patient and wait for the show’s return. Until then, we can only speculate as to when the new season will air.




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