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The Turkish Television Series “the Yard” Will Leave Netflix in November 2022.

The Turkish prison drama The Yard, which is also known as Avlu, is scheduled to be removed from Netflix around the world in the middle of November 2022. The show consists of a total of 35 episodes.

If you make the decision to go see it before it closes, the following is what you should anticipate:

The show was comparable to Australian programmes such as “Wentworth,” as well as, to a lesser extent, to “Orange is the New Black.” The Turkish show included a number of well-known actors and actresses, including Kellen Goff, Ertan Saban, Demet Evgar, Ertin Arici, Acelya Ozcan, and Nursel Kose.

In 2018, the programme was broadcast for the very first time on the Turkish television network Star TV. It spanned across all three seasons. Netflix announced in 2019 that it has purchased all three seasons of The Yard and will be releasing them in two separate batches. The first group of them arrived in October 2019, and the second group arrived in November 2019.

In November of 2022, both of the episodes of the show will be removed from Netflix’s catalogue. When the last season is added on November 15, 2022, the show will be taken off the air for a period of three years. The programme will no longer be available after November 14, according to a notice that bears the heading “Last day to view.” The programme is already being taken offline.

There was a lot of demand from viewers for additional episodes of the Turkish drama, but it appears that there won’t be a third season. We attempted to get in touch with Limon Production in the year 2020 to inquire about the possibility of additional episodes of the show, but we did not receive a response from them. The producing company’s website, in point of fact, does not function properly any longer.

The Turkish Television Series "the Yard" Will Leave Netflix in November 2022.

Why is a Netflix Original Show Leaving Netflix?

Even though the show is branded as a Netflix Original in most parts of the world, this does not mean that Netflix is the owner of the title. Instead, Netflix has acquired the sole rights to distribute the movie for a predetermined period of time by purchasing the distribution rights (in this case, 3 years).

Netflix will have the opportunity to renew these rights; however, given the notice of removal, it is quite likely that Netflix has chosen not to renew. The vast majority of international shows that were formerly available on Netflix but are no longer available there are not available on any other streaming platform and are not even for sale on video-on-demand services.

This was one of the numerous Netflix Originals that were taken off the streaming service over the course of the past few years.

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