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The Striking Features of CapCut Creative Suite

Before using any online editor, it’s a good approach to take a look at its key features first. Evaluating the key features of an editor before using it helps you in knowing it better while making the best use of its features. So, this article focuses on evaluating the features of CapCut Creative Suite to help you know more about it. This creative suite is a collection of online tools e.g. online video editor, online photo editor, free templates, no watermarks, cloud backup, etc. It can benefit you in a great number of ways for transforming your videos and photos more professionally and impressively. Want to know how? Let’s unleash the most interactively surprising features of this incredible suite and benefit yourself through its dramatic transformations.

What Features CapCut Creative Suite Brings for You?

This amazingly interactive and popular editor brings the following distinctive features for you. Take a look at these features and benefit yourself through the incredible transformations.

  • Interactive Videos

Making interactive videos requires a few things in most of the cases. The first thing is that it requires you to buy a premium account to access and use premium video editing tools on an editor. Secondly, using a manual editor requires you to have expert-level video editing skills to make dramatic transformations. In addition, many other online editors allow you to use their premium features but don’t allow you to download the changes for free at the end. However, the online video editor by Creative Suite removes all these unwanted things and offers you an incredible video editing experience.

It allows you to use all the premium and professional video editing features for free. You don’t need to pay anything to edit your videos here using premium tools such as auto-captions generation or background changer/remover, etc. Similarly, it also allows you to download the customizations or results of your video without any limitations.

  • Stunning Photos

At the same time, this creative suite also comes with the most professionally featured photo editor online. You can use its premium photo editing tools to transform your dull photos into sparingly beautiful ones. Here, you can change the dull background of your photos and set a solid-colored new background in its place. Hence, such a background helps in boosting the aesthetics and increase the focus on the main subject.

Besides, it allows you to apply different texts, text effects, filters, and interactive shapes to add more power to your photos. Similarly, it also includes the color optimization feature, which is AI-based and generates automatic but similar color palettes. Through this, you can get more options to choose the most appropriate and suitable color palettes for your photos. By using a great deal of other photo editing tools here, you can make your photos look more engaging and catchy.

  • Professional tools

This Creative Suite is full of professional, AI-based, and full-featured editing tools that help make artistic masterpieces. For example, it includes a color corrector, video stabilizer, photo stabilizer, portrait generator, and many other tools. These tools don’t only bring impressive transformations to your photos and videos but also guarantee 100% precise results.

  • Free to Use Templates

Here are also a great variety of templates for commercial, personal, professional, and business uses. Besides, you can also find here templates for fashion, beauty, medical, healthcare, art, and other domains of life. It comes with a huge collection of interactive templates which are pre-built and contain interactive designs. All of these are free to access, use, edit, customize, download, and share to any other space.

  • No Watermarks

Another heart-touching feature of this incredible Creative Suite is that it places no watermarks on transformed photos or videos. Even after allowing you to transform your photos and videos for free, it takes no credit and never promotes its name by applying watermarks. You can use this for transforming your photos, videos, or other templates and download them without having the editor’s name/watermark on them. In this way, you don’t need to show others which editor you used for transformations but surprise others through your talent.

  • Creative Cloud

Besides this impressive online editor also comes up with the most useful creative cloud. Here, you can’t only manage your files more effectively but also collaborate with your teams. No matter how small or large a team you have, you can invite a few or all of its members to this space. You can also manage these editing tasks more effectively among your team members by assigning them different roles. One person can play the role of owner, the second can become a collaborator, while the third one can act as editor, and so on.

Besides, you can also save and manage all your customized templates, transformed photos, and videos here as well as transcribe video to text. Hence, you can build up a proper backup for your files in this cloud and reuse these files later whenever and wherever you want.

  • Saves Time and Money

On top of everything, this amazing online Creative Suite helps in saving time and money. It transforms the hours of editing into minutes of editing and hence protects you from getting tired and stressed out. Besides, you can not only use it stress-free and more joyfully, but also save money by creating a free account and using free features.

How to use CapCut Creative Suite?

To enjoy all of these features of this free creative suite, start transforming some of your videos or photos. For transforming your photos through this suite, here are the following simple and quick steps.

  • Step 1: Create an Account

Visit CapCut Creative Suite’s URL ( and click on its signup for free account button. Then, enter your name, your date of birth, and such basic information into the signup form and click submit. Then, you can log in to this suite using your email ID and password and move to the online photo or video editor.

  • Step 2: Upload Photo/Video

There, you will see the upload button to upload your photos and videos for free. You can also use your Dropbox, Cloud, and Google Drive to upload a photo/video from there to this editor.

  • Step 3: Customize and Transform

In this step, you can use a great variety of photo or video editing creative tools for customizing your photo/video. You can optimize the colors to set the most suitable and enhanced colors for better visuals of your videos and photos. You can try replacing their background or adding several effects and filters to it. Similarly, try using different magic tools here to see how they transform your videos or photos into more interactive ones.

  • Step 4: Export and Download

In the end, navigate to the export button, and decide the best quality, format, and size for your download. After choosing these things, click on the download button and save your videos to your device.


Why compromise on the quality of your photos and videos when you have this interactive creative suite here? Let’s start using it to transform your photos and videos to make interactive edits and surprise yourself through its striking features.

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