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When Will The Santa Clauses 4 Release: Is It Coming Or Not, Check Out All Details

The Santa Clauses 4: During the Christmas season, the Santa Claus movie series will always be the most-watched movie series. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, the third movie in the series, came out in 2006.

But with the holidays coming up, fans still don’t know if The Santa Clause 4 will ever happen, even though it’s been fifteen years.

Disney’s comedy movie series has been one of its most successful, with a total profit of $470.1 million from its three movies. Will it come back with the next part, though?

Besides this, the actor and executive producer has recently talked about what will happen next with the series. Read on to find out that.

Based on the original story by Steve Rudnick and Leo Benvenuti, The Santa Clauses series shows what happens to Scott Calvin after he changes into Santa Claus.

The first movie came out in theaters in 1994 and was about Scott, a divorced dad who got custody of his kid on Christmas Eve. His life took a dramatic turn, though, when he hurt Santa by mistake.

As soon as this happened, he was taken to the North Pole and asked to stand in for Santa. Soon, things changed in his life, and he accepted the new role, becoming Santa Claus for good.

Over twelve years, three great movies have been made in the series. But will there be a fourth The Santa Clause movie? Let us find out!

Is Santa Clauses 4 Officially Renewed?

Since the last episode of the Santa Clause series aired in 2006, fans have been waiting for the next one for a few years now and star Tim Allen has made hints that he might be back.

The Santa Clauses 4 release date

Allen, a sci-fi fan, said he wanted to explore the leftover story arc in the Disney+ show and said that the next movie could focus on the storyline left over from Season 2, which could include DNA from Scott’s children.

When Does The Santa Clauses 4 Come Out?

It’s not official yet that Disney will make The Santa Clause 4. More than 15 years have passed since the last part came out. Since we don’t know what will happen with the series in the future, it would be unfair to guess when the movie might come out.

Fans can watch all parts online, though, on Disney+. Winer has also already made hints about the Easter egg. The team might come back with another one around Christmas 2024.

But now nothing is certain. The team will probably be back with Season 3 of The Santa Clauses in 2024.

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Is There Going To Be A Third Season Of The Santa Clauses?

Executive director Jason Winer says that Season 3 of The Santa Clauses will likely be back. There could be more cameos in the show, which was a big hit on Disney+. Judy the Elf, for example, could make a secret appearance.

Winer also said that they might look into the original movies to find Easter eggs for fans of the series and “scratch all those itches.”

Who Might Come Back For Santa Clauses 4?

Tim Allen is expected to play Scott Calvin again if the fourth movie comes out. Judge Reinhold as Neil Miller, Wendy Crewson as Laura Miller, Peter Boyle as Mr. Whittle, and David Krumholtz as Bernard the Elf could also come back.

Aisha Tyler as Mother Nature, Kevin Pollak as Cupid, Art LaFleur as the Tooth Fairy, and Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Newman Calvin could also join the group.

Liliana Mumy as Lucy Miller and Spencer Breslin as Curtis the Elf. Also, if Disney makes The Santa Clause 4, fans might see some new names.

The Santa Clauses 4 Storyline

The report says that The Santa Clause 4 could have its own dramatic plot. While the second season didn’t go into all of the characters’ stories, the next movie could look at them from different points of view.

The Santa Clauses 4 release date

It could bring on more Santa Clauses. At this point, though, nothing is certain. The reason for this is that Scott wants to leave the brand. So, when his first son comes back, it might be hard to handle. It could also look at Charlie’s journey and what he has done so far.



The Santa Clause movie series, based on the original story by Steve Rudnick and Leo Benvenuti, has been a popular Christmas movie for over twelve years.

The series follows Scott Calvin, who becomes Santa Claus after accidentally hurting him. The first movie, released in 1994, follows Scott’s life and his transformation into Santa Claus.

Star Tim Allen has hinted that a fourth movie could focus on the leftover story arc from Season 2, possibly including DNA from Scott’s children.

Although it is not official when The Santa Clause 4 will be released, fans can watch all parts online on Disney+. The team might return with Season 3 in 2024, but the exact date remains uncertain.

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