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The price of Cryptocurrency Dropped by 30% in a Week

Cryptocurrency Dropped

Cryptocurrencies have dropped in price drastically over the past few months. Late on Friday night, the prices on various exchanges have fallen. Bitcoin has dropped by eight percent. That amount has now increased to $31,900. On top of that, 7% of other currencies have also declined. They have fallen by as much as 30% in a week.

Lots of drops since the last week

The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dropped dramatically over the past week. This has happened previously last week as well. At today’s price of $1,830, the price of Ethereum has fallen 6.83% to its current level. On Friday night, the price of Binance Coin fell 5.05%, the price of Cardano fell by 5.49%, and the price of Dogecoin fell by 7.78%. In the above comparison, Polkadot has dropped 7.2% in price, Uniswap has dropped 9% and Lite Coin has decreased 4.85%.

a price cut of 9% took place over the course of a week

According to reports from last week, bitcoin prices have dropped by nine percent. Ethereum has seen a decline of 18% in the last week, while Binance Coin has seen a decline of 15% over the same time period. Similarly, the price of Cardano has fallen by 11%, as has the price of Doge Coin, the price of Polkadot, Uniswap, and Lite Coin. One week ago, the price of bitcoin had risen to 27 thousand dollars. In April, the price was $65,000, and since then it has declined in value by half.

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