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The Only Need Manchester United Had Before Cristiano Ronaldo’s Contract Was Terminated

The name Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United, and the team’s star player dominated the news for the better part of today for all the wrong reasons.

This transpired after harrowing snippets from an interview that Ronaldo had with Piers Morgan, in which Ronaldo was the interlocutor, were made public.

The footballer, who is 37 years old, has been accused of making horrific allegations against Manchester United, the club’s executives, Eric ten Haga, and even his former teammate Wayne Rooney in an interview.

In a scathing attack on his team mates, Ronaldo levelled accusations of betrayal and disdain against him against both the club and its manager.

The disclosures startled the supporters of Manchester United as well as the rest of the football world. The supporters were outraged since the striker hit Ten Hag and the great scorer Rooney.

According to Jason Burt of The Telegraph, the interview may potentially suggest that Ronaldo and the Red devils have reached the end of their romantic relationship.

Bert claims that United are giving serious consideration to cutting their losses in January by dismissing the player who has won the Golden Ball award a total of five times.

According to Bert, “Manchester United will consider cancelling Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract in the January transfer window,” but not before the player demands cash for the remaining portion of the agreement.

“Entering into an arrangement with Ronaldo to allow him to depart for free and cancelling his contract, which runs until June of next year, are both alternatives that are available to United,” the article states.

“Sources are adamant that this will not involve paying for the last six months of his highly lucrative deal, which is believed to be worth approximately £560,000 a week, making him the highest-paid player in United’s history. This would make him the highest-paid player in the history of the Premier League.”

Bert adds that figures at the club suspect that Ronaldo will seek the final payment on his big deal, and while they insist that they will not bow to his tricks, they desperately want to avoid being dragged into a mudslinging competition with one of the best in the club. Ronaldo is rumoured to have said that he will seek the final payment on his big deal.

United will wait till the remainder of Ronaldo’s interview to establish the full scope of his words; only after this point will a decision be made on his future with the club.

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