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The Masked Singer Season 7: Who Was Unmasked on the Seventh Season?

A sneak peek episode of the seventh season of The Masked Singer, which is made in the United States, aired on February 20. It was shown on Fox on March 9, 2022, after that. “The Masked Singer!”

For The Masked Singer Season 7, contestants have been split into three groups: The Good, The Bad or The Cuddly. This is the seventh season of the show on Fox.
Jewel, a singer who goes by Queen of Hearts, was crowned Queen of Hearts and won the Gold Mask last season. Among this season’s stars are the Armadillo, Baby Mammoth and Cyclops, as well as Cyclops, Firefly and Hydra. Jack in the Box and Lemur are also in the lineup.

The Prince, the Ram, Ringmaster, Space Bunny, Thingamabob and Queen Cobra are also in the lineup. People who used to be on the show have come back to be judges. Nick Cannon is still the host. Before you find out who has been unmasked this week, check out the history of unmasked celebrities and every single winner of the Masked Singer so far.

Who Was Unmasked on the Masked Singer Season 7?

The sparkling vocalist revealed herself to be the supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley, but the most stunning disclosure of the evening was that the notoriously terrible guesser Ken Jeong actually got this one correct.

The Masked Singer Season 7

Who Are the Masked Singers Season 7 Spoilers?

In the seventh season finale, the top three contestants, who were all members of Team Good, performed one last time. In the end, the winner was Firefly, who was revealed to be the singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor. Cheyenne Jackson of Call Me Kat came in third place, and Ringmaster, The Goldbergs’ Hayley Orrantia, took second place.


The season has 15 people on three teams called “The Good,” “The Bad,” and “The Cuddly.” This is the first season since the fourth season that there aren’t any wild card contestants. It’s also the first season that has teams. “Hydra” is the first three-headed costume in the series, and it also has three legs because its actors wear it. It also has smoke-breathing features and a large size, though.

In terms of Costume Size, “Cyclops” Is the Biggest So Far, but It’s Not Done Yet

There were rumours before the season premiere that Rudy Giuliani would be one of the masked performers in this season. Apparently, he was in one of the first episodes that were taped. As a protest, panellists Jeong and Thicke are said to have stormed off the set, though later reports say Thicke only left to check on Jeong.  The first episode didn’t show Giuliani’s face. A Fox Entertainment vice president said, “…like most productions, the groups aren’t always taped sequentially, so we don’t always know the order they will air.” Newsweek added that his appearance was not cut from the show.

Later, in the seventh episode, the panellists were surprised to see Giuliani’s unmasked performance, and Jeong quietly walked away. Before he walks away, Jeong can be seen visibly upset about the news, with his arms crossed, and not taking part in the elimination interview. [13] [14] The casting was widely criticized,[15][16] and Wired thought it was a bad idea because the episode saw a big drop in viewers compared to other episodes in the season.

The seventh season of The Masked Singer started making headlines before the first episode even aired because of one person who was very controversial.
Before the show’s March 9 premiere, Deadline said that panellists Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong left the set when one of the new characters was revealed to be Rudy Giuliani, and they did not return. The costume of the former mayor of New York City was kept a secret at the time. Some fans were angry that the show, which is usually not political, had chosen such a controversial person for the show’s main cast, though.

The Masked Singer Season 7

The Giuliani controversy came nearly two years after the show caused a stir by inviting former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to compete as the Bear in a game show. In March 2020, the author of Going Rogue was sent home from her first episode after singing Sir Mix-a-“Baby Lot’s Got Back.”

Afterwards, Palin said that one reason why she did the show was to fight back against people who didn’t like her. This is what she said in a May 2020 episode of the Masked Singer aftershow: “I knew that it would be refreshing, freeing, and kind of like a walking middle finger to the people who don’t like me. I can do whatever I want and not worry about what people say because they won’t know until after the fact.” “So, everything worked out.”

There were no Giuliani masks on show during the season 7 premiere. The McTerrier accidentally knocked his own head off during a performance. Despite the fact that the contestant was able to hide his face from the panellists, he was still unmasked at the end of the episode after being named the worst performer of the evening.

Duff Goldman, Who Was Dressed as Mcterrier,

Went Home First, but He Still Had a Lot of Fun on the Show, Even Though He Didn’t Win I had so much fun on The Masked Singer, he said in an Instagram video after the show. Everyone is so cool. Suddenly, I knew I was singing in front of a lot of people and didn’t care. I put on this outfit. “It was so great.”

When Charm City Cakes founder lost his mask on stage, he made history. During Mickey Rourke’s first appearance in season 4, he took off his mask and walked away. He did it on purpose, and he was eliminated.

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The Masked Singer is on Fox on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, and it’s on at the same time every week. To see all the clues about each person, keep scrolling down.

The Masked Singer Season 7 Was Over

This season of The Masked Singer US, we’re keeping track of all the celebrities who have been unmasked and killed off so far:

There was a TV chef named Duff Goldman named McTerrier in Week 1 of the show. McTerrier was revealed to be TV pastry chef Duff Goldman in the first episode, which shocked the judges who thought it was someone from Scotland. Judge Nicole Scherzinger thought Ewan McGregor was the winner, but that wasn’t the case at all!

A Baltimore-based bakery called Charm City Cakes was featured on the Food Network show Ace of Cakes. Duff is the owner and executive chef of Charm City Cakes.

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Ram: Joe Buck, a sports broadcaster, was kicked out of The Masked Singer US in week 2. Team Bad’s Ram was given the boot. With the unmasking, it was revealed that Ram was sports broadcaster Joe Buck, which some fans had already guessed in the first episode.

The Masked Singer Season 7

Robin Thicke and Eric Stonestreet were the last to guess. Buck is best known for announcing the NFL and MLB games for Fox. On March 16, it was announced that he and his broadcast partner Troy Aikman were moving to ESPN, where they will work together.

Who is Miss Teddy on the Masked Singer?

Miss Teddy possesses a magnificent voice that I could listen to for all of eternity. However, the objective of this round is to identify the person hiding behind the mask. We are aware that Miss Teddy is friendly, brimming with vitality, and incredibly affectionate. But who might this person be? Gloria Gaynor, Jennifer Hudson, and Cece Winans are some of the names that have been guessed by the judges.

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Three masked singers have made it to the finals after all the group stages. Firefly, Ringmaster, and The Prince are all in the group stages now. The final two episodes will show everything, with the season finale set to air on May 18, 2018.

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