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The Lower Floor’s Star Shared a Horrifying Video of His Own Arrest

Let me introduce you to Kyle Dickard in case you’ve ever pondered the kind of guy who would run around the field in the middle of a sporting event knowing full well that security personnel would eventually grab them. The twenty-four-year-old man, who was just recently seen in “Adventure Below Deck,” one of the many spin-offs of the franchise, was arrested the week before last after he rushed onto the field during an Inter Miami game at the DRV PNK stadium and jumped a fence.

The game was being played at the DRV PNK stadium. The reality star was accused of being a rowdy as well as defying an officer without resorting to physical force and corrupting a public employee. In addition, he was given a bond of $7,500.

The arrest probably wouldn’t have garnered much attention outside of his immediate social network and possibly his place of employment given that he’s not exactly Johnny Depp; nevertheless, the actor from “Under Deck” opted to publish a video of what transpired on Instagram, and it’s simply outrageous. to the point where coverage in the media is starting to become more widespread as a result. I wasn’t planning on going, but after I saw what happened, I felt like I had to say something. Have a look at this insanity that’s down here…

Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that I disapprove of players leaving their positions during a game in order to run around the field. This diverts attention away from the real reason for the presence of so many people, and the security personnel already have their hands full dealing with the intoxicated antics of those in the throng. You do not need to add anything else to their list of responsibilities by putting them in an awkward position on the field.

At the same time, it would be inappropriate not to make mention of the remarkable speed that Kyle Dickard possesses in this context. This guy appears like a high-level runner who is avoiding a few tackles. He’s doing it with ease. Additionally, it appears that he is aware of when to increase his speed, as he is able to shift into second gear as soon as a number of guards are following closely behind him. In the end, though, his choice of clothing drives him insane since his pants start to slip off, which slows down his pace. This causes him to move more slowly. Such a beginner’s mistake. Everyone knows that you need to have a belt on if you’re going to be running around the field.

People reports that after Dickard was jailed, his already precarious circumstances deteriorated further. Dickard is notorious for having consumed a jellyfish in the past. According to the reports, he attempted to pay the police $ 300 in order for them to let him go, but their offer was declined, which resulted in his being charged with bribery as well. While he was attempting to elude capture, it appears that a security guard hit him in the face. It is not clear if this was the act that caused him to face the accusation of resisting the officer or whether it was his effort to flee back to the field after he had been arrested.

I have no idea whether or not Under Deck is concerned with it. It seems to me that the show is the kind that would be happy to receive any press; however, I can’t imagine any workplace being particularly enthusiastic about any incident involving a security guard being punched in the face. Again, I can’t imagine any workplace being particularly enthusiastic about any incident.

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