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The ‘lou’ Ending Exposed: Do Hannah and Lou Save Young Vee in Time? Is Lou Still Alive?

The new action-drama movie “Lou,” which can be streamed on Netflix, is, at most, an ordinary viewing experience. The film has story lines that are easy to anticipate, mediocre acting performances, and dialogues that are typical of the genre.

There is nothing fresh or original to be discovered in this narrative, which follows the story of an elderly woman who assists her younger neighbour in the search for the latter’s missing daughter. A story about tense relationships from the past is concocted and woven together with the adrenaline-pumping excitement of spy action, but none of it ultimately makes the movie a memorable experience to watch.

‘Lou’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

The main character of the movie is an elderly lady named Lou who lives by herself in a cabin on Orcas Island that is located next to a forest. Lou is a complete recluse by choice; her only friend is a devoted dog by the name of Jax, and she frequently goes out on hunts even when it is not the appropriate time of year to do so. She does this with Jax at her side.

Along with her daughter Vee, she also has a neighbour who goes by the name Hannah and is a young woman. Hannah is a young woman who rents a room on Lou’s property. After escaping an abusive marriage and divorcing her husband Philip, Hannah now lives alone with her daughter Vee and shows desire in developing her relationship with Lou.

Lou also seems eager in getting to know Hannah better. On the other hand, Lou is the one who decides to maintain her distance, communicating with Hannah solely to remind her of the overdue rent payment and completely ignoring Vee.

On the day when the events of the movie begin to take shape, the people who live on Orcas Island anticipate a dangerous storm that will hit the area that evening. That very morning, Lou is seen piling things up in preparation for the storm. She goes to the bank in the area, removes all of the money from her account, and then takes it with her when she leaves.


She is also shown digging out some papers and images, and the nation of Iran already appears to be connected with Lou in some way, since some of the papers even have writing in Farsi on them. In spite of this, Lou has decided that she will no longer participate in any of these activities.

She destroys all of the documents and images and confines Jax in a room so that he will not be a distraction when she moves on to the next step. After placing a letter on the table that is addressed to Hannah, Lou sits down quietly with her weapon and makes preparations to shoot herself in the head.

Why Did Philip Kidnap His Own Daughter? What Is Lou’s Real Identity?

Hannah refuses to stay behind and instead goes with Lou as she begins to follow Philip’s movements, despite the fact that Lou initially wanted to go out by herself. Lou, who is an experienced hunter, and Jax, who is well-trained and intelligent, work together to locate traces on the ground, and the three of them then follow those tracks into the woods and beyond. They go through the night and arrive at a shack the following morning, where Hannah recognises two guys who used to work for her husband, but there is no trace of Vee.

Lou makes the decision to investigate the location, and in order to take down the two men, she puts her exceptional acting skills to use by pretending to be an elderly, defenceless woman who has become lost in the persistent rain. Hannah is led to the location when she questions one of them to find out where Philip is going and then tells Hannah. Earlier, Hannah had discussed her husband, describing how he frequently experienced outbursts of unbridled rage and anger in which he would severely harm Hannah’s husband’s wife.

It was always up to Hannah to devise an ingenious plan to remove Vee from the predicament and spare her from her father’s wrath. During the time that Philip served in Central America with the United States Army Special Forces, he was accused of committing several war crimes, including torture, when he was stationed there. However, a couple of years ago, when he was still being sought by the authorities, the explosion that took place in his flat led everyone to believe that he had passed away in the incident.

Hannah was convinced that her husband had staged his own death in order to return home, especially in light of the fact that Vee had gone missing and a letter containing a message and a photo of Vee and Philip had been left behind. Hearing all of this, Lou appears to gather more information than she is given, as if she already knows something more about this entire catastrophe, which is eventually exposed through the film.

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