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The leaders of Al-Nasr and Porto distanced themselves from hiring Cristiano Ronaldo.

The search that Cristiano Ronaldo was conducting for a new football club has been unsuccessful since the presidents of those clubs have distanced themselves from the possibility of signing a deal with the striker.

Both the president of Porto and the president of Al-Nasr, a club in Saudi Arabia, have made it known that they do not anticipate Ronaldo joining them in January.

According to reports from, the president of Porto, Pinto da Costa, has stated that despite the interest shown in Ronaldo, no club in Portugal will be able to afford the wage that Ronaldo requires in order to move back to his home country.

Ronaldo has been strongly connected with a possible return to Sporting Lisbon in the summer, and the club continues to be the front-runner for his services if he decides to play in the Portuguese League again.

It is dependent on both him and the clubs that are involved. However, in Portugal, no one is able to provide him what he earns and what he continues to aspire to earn. And he brings a lot of value to this.” da Costa stated.

Since Ronaldo officially left United at the beginning of the World Cup, reports indicate that the most definite offer came from Saudi Arabia, where stratospheric salaries were touted.

However, according to, Al-Nasr president Musalli Al Muammar played down the prospects of his club signing Ronaldo and teased the media by saying he had no idea who Ronaldo was. Musalli Al Muammar’s comments were made in reference to Ronaldo.

Who exactly is this Ronaldo? He stated, “I am not familiar with him.”

Al Muammar later acknowledged Ronaldo after he was pressured into doing so, but he maintained his silence regarding signing.

“Recently, Cristiano has been preoccupied with the World Cup, and I do not believe that he is currently in negotiations with anyone. We won’t discuss any other players, but I want Cristiano to know that I wish him the best of luck in whatever choice he chooses,” he stated.

The statements provide additional indication that Ronaldo may have a more difficult time than he anticipated when it comes to choosing a new place to call home.

Despite the fact that he is now a free agent, the striker is still dealing with the same issues that plagued him during the summer.

After Portugal was eliminated from the World Cup in the group stage, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently working on improving his fitness at the Real Madrid training complex, while his agent Jorge Mendes is searching for a new club.

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