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The Latest Meme Crypto: 100x Gains Expected with Tier 1 Exchange Listings


The Latest Meme Crypto: Even though the market is down, crypto buyers are showing a lot of interest in meme coins today. Several buyers liked how much Pepe Coin, SpongeBob, Copium, AiDoge, and other coins went up in 2023. So, they can’t wait for the next cryptocurrency that has a better chance of making them money.

Wall Street Memes, the latest meme coin making waves in the crypto space, is almost ready to list on Tier-1 exchanges. This is interesting because early users and people who support its cause will make a lot of money from this.

In the past few months, this cryptocurrency has been getting a lot of attention. In its presale, it raised $25 million, which is a big number in the meme space.

The King of Memes, Riding a Wave of Financial Industry Success and Fanaticism

Wall Street Memes has gotten a lot of press in the crypto world over the past three months and has raised more than $25 million. Its main goal is to make fun of the big names on Wall Street by using jokes on social media. Surprisingly, these funny memes have become very popular, with over 40 million views per month on Twitter alone.

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With the Wall Street Bulls Ordinals NFT Collection, the project’s makers have already shown their skill in the NFT space. In 2021, they sold the Wall Street Bulls 10,000-piece NFT collection for an amazing $2.5 million in just 32 minutes.

The Latest Meme Crypto:

Wall Street Memes’ growing popularity can also be credited to its million-strong WSM army, which works every day to push the project. This group, which includes buyers and traders, is a big part of the project’s success so far. Also, the fact that tech billionaire Elon Musk has talked to Wall Street Memes on social media more than once has led to rumors about his interest in the project.

Wall Street Memes is getting ready to be the king of memes by dominating other meme projects and getting higher prices on the market. It has a good track record in the crypto world and a group of people who are excited about it.

The Staking Mechanism and High-Yield Rewards of Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes’ most recent announcement, which is that it would be adding a staking mechanism with enticingly high-yield payouts, has caused a stir in the community. The cryptocurrency community’s attention has been drawn to this piece of news for one compelling reason: the possibility of earning huge annual percentage yields (APY), which may reach as high as a staggering 62%!

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A staggering 323 million tokens are already in the staking pool, as can be seen when one looks at the staking dashboard for WSM. Even though it is possible that the annual percentage yield (APY) would decrease significantly as more users start staking, users can still record big yields as they stake more WSM tokens.

An Airdrop and Token-Economics-Focused Community-Building Event on Wall Street

Wall Street Memes is all about putting the community first, and this is reflected in its tokenomics. Wall Street Memes, unlike many other projects, gives all of its $WSM tokens to its strong community. This presale is one of the fairest of the year because there are no secret private sales or team allocations.

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In this method that focuses on the community, 50% of the tokens are available during the presale. The money raised will be put to good use: 30% will go toward community awards, 10% will go toward liquidity on the CEX, and another 10% will go toward liquidity on the DEX.

Since 30% of the supply is set aside for community benefits, token holders can look forward to fun airdrops. Wall Street Memes is already running a contest that gives five lucky people the chance to split a generous $50,000 $WSM airdrop. Don’t miss out if you’ve already put money into $WSM. Visit the Wall Street Memes Linktree page and follow the simple steps to be eligible for the upcoming airdrop.

Top Crypto Analysts Support Wall Street Memes Before Exchange Listings

Even before it goes live on an exchange, crypto analysts are positive about Wall Street Memes. Crypto Faro, a popular YouTuber with 58,000 followers, thinks that $WSM could be a “Shiba Inu coin killer.” Joe Parys, a well-known YouTuber with 380,000 members, thinks that Wall Street Memes could be worth 100 times what they are now.

The Latest Meme Crypto:

Also, well-known crypto presale watcher Jacob Crypto Bury says that Wall Street Memes could be the best cryptocurrency to buy, especially since it will soon be listed on major exchanges.

Notably, trustworthy crypto sites like Cryptopotato, Analytics Insight, Outlook India, and Finbold are starting to talk about Wall Street Memes.


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