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The History of Moon Lamps and its Remarkable Progress

Moon is a symbol of beauty and perfection. Being the ultimate source of admiration and relaxation, with time, there has been significant progress in the construction of moon lamps. Unlike any other decorative piece, moon lamps have a real history that is worth discussing, especially for selenophiles.

Moon Lamp has made its way all through the world, starting its origination from China mainly. Read on to unleash the truth about the history of moon lamps and some amazing facts that you must know about.

What is a Moon Lamp?

Moon lamps are artificial moon-shaped lamps that are made from PLA (Polylactic Acid). These lamps have a 3D printing of high-quality images of the actual moon by NASA on them. The light source is an LED fitted inside the lamp.  Moon lamps are easily available online here and can be used by even a layman.

They are becoming widely popular because of their unique look and extensive array ofbenefits. Moon lamps come in different sizes and colors with an option of touch or remote control. Indeed they can be one of the great gifts and bring your home decoration to the next level.

Origination and History of Moon Lamps

Not every decoration piece has a history worth remembering, but moon lamps. Moon lamps available today in the markets were not like these a thousand years ago. They have been through different stages of transformation.

The history of moon lamps has its roots a thousand years back in China. Chinese people used to make pottery (especially bowls) that was very thin and fragile. These bowls had hidden embellishments inside them. This type of pottery making was a common practice in the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

In the Song Dynasty, the pottery had a touch of translucency. Images of birds, flowers, and sea animals were carved on these wares.

It is also said that Japanese people also made these types of ware which were then being traded after World War 2.

All these arts laid the basis of moon lamps.

In the late 1820s, the pottery makers and art professionals started using these translucent ware techniques. The French coined the term “Blanc de Chine” for Chinese porcelain that was highly translucent. In the 17th and 18th centuries, England and Germany also started to make these wares.

Many images, including the natural scenes and religious themes, were carved on these Lithophanes. Stories and verses from the Bible were also carved on these wares, which increased their popularity.

The United States also started producing these new things, but Europe still remained the major manufacturer. With their increasing popularity, people started to see the Lithophanes everywhere, from lamps, hanging ornaments, fireplaces, and much more.

Now, in the 21st century, these Lithophanes have taken the form of popular Moon lamps. The carving techniques are changed to 3D printing due to the advancements in digital technology.

Moon Lamps Today

Today, moon lamps have changed a lot from just simple carved pottery pieces. They have succeeded in bringing the real moon to the Earth. Moon lamps in today’s age are being made from PLA, which is the most durable and eco-friendly material. However, ceramic and glass are also being used for making these lamps.

Moon lamps, now, come in customized form; you can have a picture of your choice on the moon lamp by ordering a customized moon lamp. You just have to provide the picture when ordering your moon lamp.

The magical moon lamps also come in different sizes so that you can select according to your need. For example, a large moon lamp, of diameter between 10 to 12 inches, is perfect for living rooms. Whereas, a small-sized moon lamp is good for bedside.

Above all, you can also have a whole galaxy in your moon lamp. Galaxy moon lamps have a beautiful array of shining stars which shine brightly in galaxy colors, spreading a heavenly look across the room.

Fun Facts about Moon Lamps

  1. Large Variety

Moon lamps are available in a variety of forms, such as the levitating moon lamps, the pendant ones, or the table moon lamps. You can buy and enjoy any of them according to your needs.

  1. Multi-Colored Fun

You can have the joy of all colors with a single moon lamp. By buying a remote control moon lamp, you can easily switch colors with just a single touch.

  1. From Smallest to Largest

Moon lamps can be as large as a soccer ball and as small as the size of a CD disc. They are made in a variety of sizes; usually, a range of 5 to 12 diameters is available worldwide.

  1. Oil Diffuser Moon Lamps

You might not have heard about these lamps. These moon lamps have an essential oil diffuser inside them which constantly diffuses a soothing smell in the environment, giving vital comfort and relaxation.

  1. Rechargeable

Your moon lampis not just a one-time use thing. You can easily charge these moon lamps by using a USB cable and an energy source and reuse them as long as you desire.


Moon lamps have an interesting history, having their roots back in the Chinese Ming and Song Dynasties. These lamps have evolved from simply carved potteries and now have become popular worldwide. Have your moon lamp now to enjoy the aesthetics of history and fantasy of the galaxy.


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