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The Golden Globe Controversy Explained!

Who has never heard of the Golden Globes? The hit song “Naatu Naatu” from the movie “RRR” is the first Indian song to win the award for “Best Original Song.” This is the talk of the town right now.

NBC won’t let the award show air until 2022 because the group of members isn’t diverse enough. Except for the year 2022, the show has been going on for 79 years.

The Golden Globes have been around since January 1944, and they are known for giving out awards for excellence in American and international film and TV. A group of 105 people from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association meet to talk about the awards and give them out.

The awards have been a big part of the movie business for a long time, and they usually happen in January. Foreign journalists in Los Angeles got together to form the committee and come up with a better way to gather and share information about the film industry. Before putting a movie up for nomination, the committee has to follow a set of rules and guidelines.

Any movie that came out between January 1 and December 31 of that year and was more than 70 minutes long could be nominated. The awards show is shown in 167 countries and is usually ranked as the third most-watched award show.

The show can be seen on the NBC network. In recent years, the awards have become less important because of a scandal that broke the trust of millions of people who watched the show.

The Golden Globe Controversy Explained:

The first time the show got into trouble, it was because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn’t have enough people of different races. The Network wouldn’t let the show air in 2022 because there wasn’t a single black person on its committee. The audience was very angry about the awards show, and over time, it has been called racist.

The Golden Globe Controversy

The NBC network said that the Awards show could air in 2023 if the committee and rules were changed so that the decisions were seen as fair.

Jerrod Carmichael, the first black host, started his monologue by calling out the racism and hypocrisy in the committee. Before George Floyd died, the committee didn’t have a single black member.

Jerrod said that the big check that came with the offer to host was the only reason he took the job. This year, the show was able to air because there were black people on the committee. Several black actors also won awards.

Phil Berk, the former president of the committee, got in trouble when he sent an email to the members and association saying that black lives matter is a racist hate group, which is causing a lot of drama that doesn’t need to happen.

Because of what he said, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had to say sorry. The award show’s credibility was in danger because the committee didn’t have any black people on it.

People just think of the show as a place to get free food and drinks because the nominations are so strange and the winners are always the same.

History Of Controversy At The Golden Globe Awards

The HFPA’s dirty little secret came out in 2021 when it was found out that HFPA members take money from movie studios to help them get nominated for awards. The studios treated the members very well so that they would be nominated for an award.

One of the most famous examples of this was when the Paramount Studio sent 30 members of the committee on a luxury trip to Paris for $1400 a night.

The committee was found to have set up a system of kickbacks and payments between committee members. Concerning the nominations for the film, the committee did a lot of things that were not professional.

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Asian films were nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film” in 2020, but they weren’t included in the “Best Motion Pictures” category. This made a lot of viewers angry. Since the show began, racism has been shown more than once.

In 2003, actress Brenda Fraser said that Berk, who used to be president of HFPA, had sexually assaulted her. Berk had to say sorry, but he didn’t mean it. Berk has always been a member of the committee who stirs up trouble.

This year, Tom Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible movies, gave back his Golden Globe awards. Tom gave back three of the Golden Globe Awards he had won before because the committee that chose the nominees and winners was accused of being racist and not having enough people from different backgrounds.

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