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The Glory Part 2 Release Date: Is It Going to Release in 2023?

The Glory Part 2 Release Date: A new Korean series, The Glory, has been gaining a lot of attention. The premiere episode of this brand-new Korean drama has concluded its online run. If you’ve seen the first half of The Glory and can’t wait for the second part to stream, then you should keep reading this post. The spoilers, casting, trailer, and renewal status for The Glory Part 2 have all been updated in this post.

The Glory Part 2 Plot

The Glory, a new, currently airing Korean drama, is a critical and audience darling in the year 2022. The show has a great plot that centres on thriller and retribution themes. Dong-eun, the series’ primary protagonist, had always wanted to be an architect but her traumatic experiences in high school derailed her plans.

Dong-eun, now an adult, plans to exact vengeance on her tormentors from their school days. Later, Dong-eun gets a job teaching at the same school where her tormentors’ kids go to class, and in the first half of the Korean drama series The Glory, we see her plot out her retribution and begin carrying it out one by one.

The Glory Part 2 Release Date

End of The Glory Part 1

There was no doubt that the opening half of The Glory was jam-packed with suspense and mystery. There was plenty of fun to be had during all eight episodes. The viewers had been too invested in the show because of the improving plot, and the series’ final episode ended on a high note, thus anticipation for The Glory only grew afterwards.

The ending of the first section was revealed to us. Dong-eun and Jae-joon eventually cross paths in the season one finale, when she recalls the times he sexually harassed her, leading to a confrontation in which Dong-eun smacks Jae-joon and warns him not to support Yeon-jin. Dong-efforts eun’s are paying off when Yeo-Jung makes his first move on the Go board at the end of episode eight, and we see him accompany her to the morgue as she searches for the body.

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The Glory Part 2 Cast

The first episode of the newest ongoing series, The Glory, has finished streaming, and fans are eager to learn more about the show’s cast members ahead of Episode 2. According to our information, the following members of the previous season’s cast and characters will be back for the upcoming season.

  • Jeon Jae-joon plays Park Sung-hoon.
  • Kang Hyeon-nam, played by Yeom Hye-ran
  • Eventually, Lim Ji-yeon will be recognized as Park Yeon-jin.
  • In recognition of Lee Do-performance hyun’s as Ju Yeo-jeong
  • For her portrayal of Moon Dong-eun, Song Hye-Kyo deserves praise.
  • As Choi Hye-Jeong, Cha Joo-young will be in the spotlight.
  • Jung Sung-il, a veteran character actor, Do-yeong Ha

The Glory Part 2 Release Date

Part one of The Glory was fantastic, and all eight episodes are packed with exciting drama and humorous comedy. There has been a spike in interest in The Glory’s release date information since the finale aired.

They can’t wait for the production company to make an official statement about when and where The Glory Part 2 will be made available to the public. The good news is that you won’t have to wait much longer to see the rest of the episodes; the second half of the Korean drama series The Glory will be released in March of 2023.

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The Glory Part 2 Trailer

The first season of The Glory is now complete on Netflix, and there’s no doubt that every one of the eight episodes was packed with thrills and excitement. The plot was fantastic, and the second season of The Glory will be released soon.

Fans are eager to see the newest trailer for The Glory Part 2, but as of this writing, the film’s production company has not produced an official video for the sequel. In the meanwhile, feel free to watch the first trailer for the film by clicking on the link below.


Before tuning in to a brand new show, viewers always check the reviews and ratings. Here’s the latest information you need to know about The Glory’s ratings if you’re interested in watching the new, ongoing series. The Glory, a Korean drama, gets an 8.1/10 rating on the Internet Movie Database. The Glory, a popular Korean drama series, has received a rating of 8.8/10 on the Korean rating website Mydramalist and has been well-received by the vast majority of Google users (98%).

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