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The Fox From BLACKPINK Responded Best to a Fan’s Marriage Proposal

As part of the “BORN PINK” international tour, BLACKPINK is now making a stop in the United States of America. Even if they are gone and extremely busy, the young girls do not forget about their devoted followers located all over the world.

During their trip, Lisa and Jisoo managed to pleasantly surprise their fans in the nicest possible way. In point of fact, the two idols kicked off a live broadcast in order to share an intimate moment with their followers, during which they conversed and even sang a little bit together.

Fans are given the option to have their queries answered and engage with one another in real time through the use of live broadcast chat. When Jisoo was reading the comments, she came across the phrase “Lisa, marry me,” which made her chuckle in a really endearing way.

Idols frequently respond with laughter and sidestep the question when fans begin to harass them with inquiries. In the meantime, Lisa had a more satisfactory response. She responded by asking, “Where’s the ring?” while waving his hand in front of the camera. “Where’s the ring?”

Fans of Lisa and BLACKPINK were very impressed by her response, and as a result, they made the announcement that they would be fundraising for a ring to give to the Kpop idol in the hopes that this time she would give them a favourable response.

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