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The Equalizer Gains in the Ratings, as Quantum Leap Struggles.

This year, the television ratings are going to be calculated in a somewhat different way. Every week, we’ll take a look at the live ratings as we try to catch up from the beginning of the fall television season.

The live TV ratings used to be something that we checked every single day. This year, we will be conducting several of our activities in a somewhat new manner. We are taking a weekly look at the various programmes that are shown on the network in order to facilitate comparisons between them. This will typically take place from the beginning of each week (Monday) through the end (Sunday), with the reports being completed on either Monday or Tuesday.

This week, we are attempting to catch up to the current pace. On Monday, September 19, the new season of fall television began, and we’re going to go back to that day to see how the various shows have fared so far. What’s now in the crosshairs, and what potential threats do we anticipate in the future?

There are a few television shows that do not concern us because they are either approaching the end of their run with their final seasons or have already been renewed. These television shows are New Amsterdam, The Simpsons, all three FBI agents, and The Equalizer. We will make notice of them on occasion; but, they are not the primary issues with regard to live TV ratings. Additionally, this only applies to scripted television programmes.

Abc Live Tv Ratings

On Wednesday, September 21, ABC revived its comedy block, marking the beginning of the new season. The new airtime for Big Sky is Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It wasn’t shocking to see Big Sky instantly struggle to bring the ratings up; the later time slots are difficult, which is possibly why NBC is looking into doing rid of them. It continues to have the worst ratings of any show on the network.

Both The Conners and Home Economics are having a strong start to the season. The Conners is the best show on the network thus far, and it is up 4% in the demo and 14% in the audience compared to the previous season. Both have moved up in the live ratings, with The Conners being the winner overall. Home Economics is now in fifth position, however it has improved its ratings by 3% among adults 18–49 and by 3% overall in comparison to the previous season.

Quantum Leap Struggles

Both the show’s target demographic and its overall audience have decreased by 25 percent so far. The Rookie is also having trouble, as seen by a 15% decline in the demo. A 0.32 household rating was achieved by The Rookie: Feds despite its challenging time slot. With only 2.025 million viewers, it comes in dead last among the audience. We’ll have to check the streaming numbers to see if that makes a difference in this one.

There are several new programmes that we are looking forward to watching, including Alaska Daily, The Good Doctor, and Station 19. They will all make their debuts this week.

CBS live TV ratings

Even if we aren’t overly concerned about The Equalizer, we feel the need to acknowledge it in a significant way. It has a 0.66 rating among adults 18–49 and 7 million total viewers, putting it at the top of the CBS series. Even though there has only been one episode released so far, the numbers are already 8% and over 3% higher respectively compared to the previous season.

In its new time slot, Ghosts was successful, garnering an increase of 11% in audience members. Although it fell by 3% in the demo, it is still in third position when compared to all other shows. It is true that it has surpassed Young Sheldon, which experienced a 22% decline in the demo. The prequel to “The Big Bang Theory” is now the network comedy with the largest audience among those that watch comedies on that network.

NCIS witnessed a troubling dip. In comparison to the previous season, it has already dropped 26% among adults 18–49 and 14% among all viewers. In a similar vein, its spin-off Hawaii experienced a 30% decline in the demo and a 10% decline in the audience. The demos positioned the shows near the bottom of the list. The audiences are still the most powerful part of the equation. To be fair, the original series is.

CSI: Vegas saw a decline of 32% among adults 18–49 and 13% among all viewers. It came as a surprise to me when I found out that this series had been renewed the previous year; therefore, I assume that streaming keeps it continuing strong.

The first episode of East New York was received rather positively. When compared to all scripted shows, the 0.46 demo placed it in ninth position. The viewership is currently at 5.2 million, which is satisfactory for the network. Therefore, Help Me Tood had some difficulties, as seen by the fact that it only garnered a 0.37 demo rating, which placed it in 11th position. It has a viewership of 4.8 million, which places it in 11th place in terms of audience size.

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