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The Doo Face Reveal: How Did The Doo Become Guitarist?

Doo is a well-known American guitarist who was born in New York City. Fans are most excited about the Doo Face Reveal because there have been no hints about what his real face looks like. Here are some things we know about The Doo. Just get it by going down.

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Who is The Doo?

Doo is nobody else, it is Eric Calderone. The American guitarist Eric Calderone was born on March 11, 1985. He is known for his YouTube videos where he plays covers of popular heavy metal songs and themes from movies, TV shows, and video games. Only the name “Doo” has been shown. The face of “Doo” has not been shown.

American guitarist The Doo plays the guitar. He has a lot of followers on both YouTube and the chat site Omegle. Doo is a great guitarist. He is well-known for how quickly he moves his fingers and changes chords. You’ll be surprised to find out that he can play any song on his guitar just by listening to it.

The Doo Face Reveal

Doo hasn’t told all of his fans that he will be there. He has been hiding his face and playing guitar on the internet for a long time. No one ever figures out why he doesn’t talk to anyone.

He might be scared to show his face to people he doesn’t know. But there is no proof of these facts, so they are still a mystery. Let’s all wait until we can see Doo’s face.

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How Did The Doo Become Guitarist?

He was born in New York, but he grew up in Bradenton, Florida. Calderone first picked up the guitar when he was 16 years old, in 2001. As a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, he learned how to put together a group of musicians.

The University of Tampa also gave him a degree in music. After Calderone learned to play the guitar, he gave private lessons and taught part-time at a college. He began by learning to play the Metallica song “Enter Sandman.”

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