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The Consultant Ending Explained: Why is Elaine Being Interrogated by the Police?

The Consultant Ending Explained:  The Consultant is based on Bentley Little’s novel of the same name. Christoph Waltz, the winner of an Academy Award, plays Regus Patoff, the mysterious new head of the computer game creation business CompWare. It becomes immediately apparent that something is very wrong with the way he manages the company.

The programme features numerous mystery and suspense elements that kept us interested in what would happen next, but the season finale may be difficult to comprehend if you haven’t paid close attention to certain story aspects throughout the season.

This is when we enter the picture! What was the purpose of Regus’ acquisition of CompWare? And what became of the two employees, Craig and Elaine (Nat Wolff and Brittany O’Grady), whom we have followed throughout the season? Let’s find out!

The Consultant Ending Explained

With so much to unpack in The Consultant’s final moments, it might be difficult to keep track of the show’s themes, unsolved issues, and crucial plot points. As a result, here’s a synopsis of The Consultant’s ending.

Craig Discovers That Pattoff Has Patti

The building tension between Craig, Elaine, Patti (Aimee Carrero), and Patoff comes to a climax in Episode 8 of The Consultant when Craig discovers that Pattoff has Patti (who, crucially, is not hired at CompWare) working for him in the records room.

While Elaine attempts to reason with a clearly brainwashed Patti, Craig confronts Pattoff on the upper level of the office, which has a glass floor.

The Consultant Ending Explained

Craig, imitating the game he developed, breaks the glass floor with a hammer as Patoff stands on it barefoot. The consultant falls to the bottom floor and breaks his big toe on the shattered glass.

Patti pulls the fire alarm and exits the situation with Craig and Elaine after realising she was under Patoff’s spell. Just as we believe Patoff will be apprehended, a trail of bloody footprints in the office suggests he escaped before the police arrived.

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Why is Elaine Being Interrogated by the Police?

Elaine is questioned by the police about The Elephant Incident (in which she paid someone $10,000 to steal an elephant).

She asserts that she had nothing to do with it and instructs them to contact the consultant who joined CompWare.

Meanwhile, Patti packs her bags and leaves, which suggests that her engagement with Craig did not survive Patoff.

Craig’s doing quite fine. Why? Because he stole Patoff’s severed big toe from the office that night, and upon boiling and chopping apart the toe bone, he discovered solid gold.

Remember earlier in the season when jeweler Frank Florez (Juan Carlos Cantu) informed Craig that a group of doctors used to beg him to manufacture the 206 human bones out of gold and pay him with checks signed by Regus Patoff?

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Yeah, so… It appears that all of Florez’s solid gold bones form Patoff’s skeleton, indicating that he is likely more robot than human.

The revelation explains SO much, and while it’s bizarre as heck, is it really all that shocking? The gentleman’s name is a shortened version of “Registered U.S. Patent Office”

As Elaine returns to work, she finds her name on Patoff’s door, as well as roses and the key to the records room on his desk. That is correct, folks. She is now the head of CompWare!


The Consultant’s ending reveals the purpose of Regus Patoff’s acquisition of CompWare and the fate of Craig and Elaine. Regus Patoff is likely more robot than human, and Elaine is now the head of CompWare.

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