The Chicken Farm can Spread Dangerous Corona in Future

A scientist has warned that an epidemic deadly to Covid-19 is yet to come that could wipe out half of the global population. Dr. Michael Greger, the author of the popular book How Not to Die, has claimed that chickens may be the cause of the next pandemic, which may be even more frightening.

According to him, hen farms can cause a dangerous virus, which can cause more deaths than corona in the world. In his new book ‘How to Survive a Pandemic’, vegetarian American nutritionist Dr. Michael Gregor writes that the virus produced by poultry can pose even more danger to humans than coronavirus.
According to Gregor, as long as humans remain dependent on meat and use it, there will be a possibility of new epidemics.

Significantly, the virus named Covid-19 originated from the meat market in Wuhan, China, which passed from one person to another and spread across the world, and so far has killed more than three lakh people.