The central’s team has identified 19 Zika virus patients in Kerala

Along with the COVID-19 outbreak in Kerala, the Zika virus menace is now looming. Kerala Health Minister Veena George revealed on Monday that a 73-year-old woman has also been diagnosed with the Zika virus. Following this, the state’s Zika virus case count grew to 19.

Meanwhile, a central team has arrived in Kerala to assess the situation. The Center’s staff also paid a visit to a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, where the first Zika virus case was reported. However, the virus’s epicenter has not yet been identified. However, it is thought that construction work on a building near the hospital may have exposed the first patient to the virus.

Dr. Sheenu KS, DMO of Thiruvananthapuram, stated that the Zika virus is a new disease in Kerala, and there is little experience dealing with it. The Centre has dispatched a team of seven experts. He added that Zika is also a contagious disease, and as such, we must exercise caution.

Dr. Sheenu stated that the source of the infection’s dissemination could not be determined at this time. Because people are imprisoned in their houses as a result of the lockdown, and their gardens are in better shape than ever. Additionally, the fields and adjacent surroundings have not been properly cleaned. Due to the lockout, offices and other institutions are also shuttered. He stated that the campaign was launched to raise awareness.