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The Boys Season 3 Trailer: Cast, Plot and Release Date!

Season 3 of Prime Video’s The Boys has debuted a new teaser, and it’s jam-packed with new details to pore over. With the return of Homelander, Jack Quaid as Hughie, Karl Urban as Billy (now with superpowers?), and more, the group is back together. We catch a glimpse of Homelander’s press tour following the events of season 2 in the teaser (he’s simply a man who fell for the wrong woman, you see, and tragedy brings transformation). It’s a lot more of Jensen Ackles in Soldier Boy than you’d expect for Billy. In addition, there’s a lot of blood and gore to keep you going till the season premiere.

The Boys Season 3 Trailer

We got our first look at Ackles as the character in the first trailer for the new season, which appeared to be a Captain America parody of some sort. The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, who also developed Supernatural, will be reunited with Ackles this season. Before that, in July of 2021, there was a teaser that mocked Fox News.

With The Boys

Diabolical being one of the 19 shows on our list this summer, even if it means eating the most disgusting things in the animated spinoff, we’ll take what we can get.

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Amazon Prime Video will debut The Boys season 3 on June 3rd.

Who’s in the cast of The Boys season 3?

The boys of starlight Season three will see several newcomers enter the ranks. Having served in World War II and becoming “the first super celebrity and a pillar of American society for decades,” Jensen Ackles, star of Supernatural, will play Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy is known as “the original superhero” because of his role in the war. The more observant of you may have detected a resemblance to Captain America’s theme and satire. I’m not going to inform Marvel about this.

  • This is what Ackles had to say about the major news: “When @cw supernatural finally comes to an end this year, I keep wondering what I’ll do. Then I realised what was going on.”
  • According to Kripke, he’s already talked about a role with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is most known for his roles on The Walking Dead and Supernatural. (Dad of Soldier Boy?) Wouldn’t that be cool?
  • Although he didn’t think it was finalised yet, he stated that “the will is there, and we are both talking about it”.

The Boys Season 3 Trailer

  • Laurie Holden, who plays the Crimson Countess on The Walking Dead, will return for season three. Red is the dominant colour in everything she is wearing, including her boots and her hair.
  • Blue Hawk was also shown to the boys for the first time. Using the hashtag “he’s here to protect and serve, whether you like it or not,” they posted a picture of the costume on Twitter.
  • Little Nina, the Russian mob boss, will be played by Dexter and Sleepy Hollow alum Katia Winter. A stronger version of their Compound-V concoction was used in the comics to make the heads of her test subjects explode.

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  • The winter season of Katia
  • Gunpowder is played by Sean Patrick Flanery from Dexter, Blue Hawk is played by Nick Wechsler from Revenge, and Supersonic is played by Miles Gaston Villanueva from Nancy Drew.
  • This is the first time that any of these characters have appeared in a television show.
  • According to Deadline, Kristin Booth from Orphan Black and Jack Doolan from Marcella will play TNT Twins Tessa and Tommy.
  • Frances Turner, who starred in HBO’s The Man in the High Castle, has been cast as a series regular. Mother’s Milk’s wife, Monique, is portrayed by her.


In the Boys season 2 finale, the show’s future is in jeopardy. No less important than season three, in which players part ways, new alliances are established, and some don’t make it out alive. Victoria Neuman is going to get a lot of attention. The mysterious Supe politician has been detonating bombs in people’s heads, therefore she must have a sinister scheme in mind.

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Because he broke his promise to save Ryan from Stan Edgar’s grasp, Butcher may also be in the crosshairs of Vought and the reformed Seven. And the emergence of Soldier Boy, the first Supe, could indicate that more of the corporation’s roots are exposed as well. Fortunately, Claudia Doumit, who plays Victoria Neuman, and Nathan Mitchell, who plays Black Noir, both answered our questions on what we may expect from their characters in the third season of The Boys.

A Recap of the Season

It has been a peaceful year all around. Homelander’s subdued. Butcher is an employee of the government and Hughie, of all persons, is their supervisor. However, the two men are itching to break the calm and turn it into something more flesh and bone.

The Boys Season 3 Trailer

As a result, when The Boys discover a secret anti-superhero weapon, it causes them to collide with the Seven, which in turn starts a conflict, and they begin searching for the legend of the first superhero, who is known as Soldier Boy.


The Boys will return for season 3 starting June 3, 2022! The last instalment of the Seven on 7 companion web series made the news official. Just like with the season 2 rollout on Amazon Prime Video,

the first three episodes will drop on June 3. After that, the show will release one new episode a week with the season finale scheduled for July 8, 2022.

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