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The Boogeyman Release Date: The Scariest Movie of the Year!

The Boogeyman Release Date: In recent years, there has been no paucity of Stephen King’s works. The septuagenarian has been consistently producing new horror stories almost as frequently as he tweets political commentary.

The Boogeyman is not a new story, as it was originally published in a 1973 issue of Cavalier magazine and subsequently included in Stephen King’s 1978 collection of short stories, “The Night Shift.” It is one of the most recent announcements that a film adaptation is in the works.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods co-wrote the screenplay when the project was first announced 2018, in 2018. Beck and Woods have been filmmaking collaborators for some time, co-writing and executive producing films like A Quiet Place and writing and directing Haunt for producer Eli Roth.

As a result of Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the film’s production was terminated in 2019. The project was revived in 2021, and Rob Savage was tapped to direct. Savage is best known for directing Host, a Shudder original film set to release in 2020.

Mark Heyman (Black Swan) will write the screenplay based on the original screenplay written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Alongside Dan Levine and Dan Cohen, Shawn Levy, proprietor of the production company 21 Laps Entertainment, will co-produce.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming King film adaptation!

The Boogeyman Release Date

After successful test screenings, The Boogeyman will now be released in theatres on June 2, 2023, instead of exclusively on Hulu as was originally planned.

Recently, Smile and Evil Dead Rise opted for an exclusive theatrical release as opposed to a direct-to-streaming release. This is an increasingly common occurrence for films initially intended for streaming releases.

The Boogeyman Release Date


The Boogeyman Plot

While The Boogeyman movie updates corroborate that the film’s plot differs from King’s, the premise is still intriguing. Sadie and Sawyer are abandoned by their therapist father Will following the murder of their mother in The Boogeyman.

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One day, one of Will’s patients, Lester, appears at their door, obviously terrified and desperate, and begs for assistance. Unknowingly, he brings with him a terrifying entity that attempts to feed on the family’s worst tragedy and terrorize their home.

The Boogeyman is King’s disquieting tale of an unsympathetic protagonist telling a psychiatrist about the titular monster’s pursuit of him throughout his childhood and adulthood.

It was first published in Night Shift. Eventually, the conclusion reveals that the antihero is in for an unpleasant surprise. Similar to the prequel to the vampire horror film Salem’s Lot, Jerusalem’s Lot, The Boogeyman left most of its horrors to the imagination.

As his uninterested, cynical psychiatrist listens, the narrator describes the horrific unsolved murders of his children, who were all discovered mysteriously murdered after screaming about the monster. Eventually, the protagonist leaves the office, only to discover that his psychiatrist is the eponymous threat, arriving to end the tormented main character’s suffering.

The Boogeyman Cast

The fact that the cast of The Boogeyman would be utterly stellar was one of the most exciting news updates. Chris Messina (Argo) will play Will in The Boogeyman. Will is a recently widowed father of two daughters.

Sadie, the somewhat sceptical older sibling, is portrayed by rising star Sophie Thatcher (Yellowjackets, The Book of Boba Fett). Sawyer’s youngest daughter is portrayed by child actress Vivien Lyra Blair (Obi-Wan Kenobi). David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad) portrays Lester, one of Will’s patients, and Marin Ireland (The Umbrella Academy) plays Rita.

LisaGay Hamilton (The Sum of All Fears) has been cast as Dr. Weller, while Madison Hu (Voyagers) has been cast in an unspecified role.

The Boogeyman Trailer

The Boogeyman movie updates thankfully include a trailer for the forthcoming horror film. The Boogeyman trailer begins with Sadie and Sawyer visiting Dr Weller, who explains that when frightening events occur in real life, the mind tends to fill in the gaps.

The Boogeyman Trailerinvestrecord

The Boogeyman Release Date

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The Boogeyman Where to Watch?

You can rent or purchase Boogeyman for streaming on Amazon Instant Video.


Stephen King’s “The Boogeyman” is being adapted into a film, with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods co-writing the screenplay and Rob Savage directing. Mark Heyman will write the screenplay and Shawn Levy will co-produce. The Boogeyman is King’s tale of an unsympathetic protagonist telling a psychiatrist about the monster’s pursuit.


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