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The Big Brother Semifinal Eviction is Happening – Who Will Win the Showdown?

Fans of Big Brother, our weekly custom on Thursday nights is about to come to an end: Due to the fact that the season 24 finale of the CBS series will take place in just a few days (on Sunday, at 8/7c), the episode that aired on Thursday was the last regular live eviction episode until next summer.

On Thursday, though, there were only four individuals still living in the house, and there was only one vote cast, so there wasn’t actually any eviction business to attend to; here’s how the hour was finally filled:

* First, the showmance between Monte and Taylor is over just as fast as it started, and for the most trivial of reasons, to be completely honest. During a hangout in the HOH bedroom, Taylor makes a flippant comment about Monte’s goddaughter. Taylor points out that Monte hasn’t actually watched his goddaughter grow up for the past year because he’s been in the Big Brother house for the past three months. At first, Monte bristles at Taylor’s comment because he feels like he hasn’t been able to watch his goddaughter mature.

Then, when all four houseguests are in Taylor’s room later, Monte falls asleep with Taylor’s headphones on his ears. In an effort to show Brittany (and possibly Turner) that she isn’t getting too cosy with Monte and sharing all of her belongings with him, Taylor takes the headphones off his ears, accidentally bumping his glasses and waking him up in the process. She does this in an effort to show that she isn’t getting too cosy with Monte and sharing all of her belongings with After this, Monte is even more upset, and he walks out of the room.

After having a discussion with Turner about the Taylor situation, during which Monte essentially reduces his recent romance with Taylor to a physical attraction that he eventually acted on, Monte goes to the Head of Household bathroom, where Taylor is soaking in the tub, and asks her to apologise for her goddaughter comment and the headphones grab. Taylor expresses her regret right away for each of the aforementioned transgressions; however, Monte does not appear to be content with her expression of regret and instead chooses to instruct her on the nature of her personality.

Monte tells her, “This is not a person I want to spend more time with because I have a very low tolerance for disrespect.” “I have a very low tolerance for disrespect.” “That can be such a deal breaker at times.” Even worse, he repeats the harsh statements that Daniel made about her earlier in the season, when he said that Taylor “rubbed the wrong way” with some individuals. I believe that she is getting it, my man. You’ve got it all figured out!

After Monte has left, Taylor makes the following observation: “We’re back to the ‘Taylor is an insensitive bitch’ storyline.” Monte and Taylor had reached an agreement to give each other some space. In the meantime, she makes a comment in the Diary Room about how insulting it was that Monte would reference Daniel’s comments about her from earlier in this season. She adds that in order to win the grand prize, she may need to let “cold Taylor” out of the bag.

* We pick up where we left off in the jury house, where Terrance, Michael, and Alyssa have all joined the group to varied degrees of shock. And in this week’s edition of Protect Joseph At All Costs, the poor guy is visibly devastated after learning from Alyssa that Monte and Taylor had been spending quality time together the previous week. This information comes from the previous week’s episode of Protect Joseph At All Costs. Oh, the expression on his face! The glum talking head who said things like, “I guess that’s their business or whatever”! Will he ever get to a place where he can rest in that jury room?

* Brittany, who is feeling revitalised after receiving video messages from home, makes one last appeal to Monte. She reminds him that he and Turner are currently in a position where they are evenly matched, and that Monte may very well lose to Turner if they are sitting in those final chairs together. Brittany, on the other hand, is well aware that she does not perform particularly well in athletic competitions, which would provide Monte with an even greater advantage in the head of household competitions.

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