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The Atm’s Scoreboard Compares Your Money to Others’ Goes Viral

In a video that has gone viral, an automated teller machine (ATM) ranks individuals according to the total amount of money they possess in their bank account. The user with the most money in their account holds an astounding amount.

The act of going to the bank and using an ATM can bring forth feelings of despair at times. But can you even fathom the possibility that other customers at your bank give your account a value?

A person by the name of Joel Franco posted a video to Twitter that quickly went viral, in which he discussed a fresh new ATM that did exactly that.

This new ATM immediately compares customers, rating them according to their total quantity of money, in contrast to traditional ATMs, which respect users’ right to privacy and permit them to take control of their own financial affairs.

In point of fact, this is an actual rating in real life; however, it is somewhat more humiliating to perform “poorly.” The individual who recorded the video gives an explanation of how the device operates in the video that has gone viral.

“This is an automated teller machine, and as soon as you insert your debit card, it will snap a picture of you and put your bank account balance on the scoreboard. It will rank among other guests to determine who has the most money, and it will show your position on the board.” At the present time.”

After that, the person who made the video revealed the viewer to the person who got the highest rating and who had a staggering $2.98 million in their bank account. This score, however, was bested by none other than Diplo, a well-known DJ and music artist who displayed a high score of $3 million. Diplo’s score

Over nine million dollars was eventually reached by the time the night came to a close.

On the other hand, a number of people had no money at all, which meant that there was a significant gap between those at the top of the leaderboard and those at the bottom.

People quickly began producing memes based on the ATM, in which they made fun of themselves in the event that they took part in this fascinating competition.

Therefore, for those people who are broken and are going on a first date, trying to show yourself off in this particular game is probably not the best choice. On a date, it’s definitely a better idea for you to go to a traditional arcade and compete for a prize that will stand out in your mind.

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