Texas A&M University’s Department of Finance gets $20 million from Sinn

Adam C. Sinn ‘00, a commodities trader and owner of Aspire Commodities, offered $20 million to enhance the quality of education at Mays Business School’s Department of Finance. The $10 million gift and a pledge for an additional $10 million will help offer financial support to undergraduate and graduate students. “I applaud Mr. Sinn’s willingness to invest in our university. Contributions such as these not only help elevate the department but provide a brighter future to our students for generations to come. We appreciate his support of our mission,” said Dr. M. Katherine Banks, president of Texas A&M University. Sinn’s gift includes $7.5 million for undergraduate and graduate scholarships to assist finance students. The gift will support students from Sinn’s hometown in Hoopeston, Illinois, and nearby Cissna Park, Illinois, as well as those from Dorado, Puerto Rico, where he maintains a residence today.

Department renamed

Following Sinn’s $10 million gift, the department has been renamed the Adam C. Sinn ‘00 Department of Finance. This is the second named department at Mays. Four years ago, one of the departments has been named the James Benjamin Department of Accounting in 2017. “On behalf of Mays Business School, I want to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Mr. Sinn for his extremely generous support. Through Mr. Sinn’s gift, we will have opportunities to continuously increase the value of our students’ educational experiences. The type of support we are receiving from Mr. Sinn reflects the unique relationship between Mays Business School and Texas A&M University with former students,” said Dr. Duane Ireland, interim dean. However, if there is an insufficient number of eligible finance students from those regions, a portion of Sinn’s gift will benefit Aggies enrolled in Mays’ Trading, Risk and Investments Program. “I want others to not have a financial burden so they can attend the best university on the planet,” Sinn said.

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