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Terrifier 3 – Release Date, Familiar Faces, and All the Details We Know So Far

Terrifier 3 Release Date: In the third chapter of the Terrifier series, Art the Clown—the renowned killer clown from Damien Leone’s deranged mind—will make a reappearance.

Due to its severe brutality and use of practical special effects, the 2018 release of the original film—which had a budget of barely $ 35,000, made it an instant cult classic among independent horror enthusiasts. Terrifier 2 was given the go-ahead with a far bigger budget because of the previous film’s success and popularity.

The majority of the money for the second installment came from crowdsourcing donors who responded to an IndieGoGo campaign asking for, $50,000 to film a graphic scene that required a lot of practical effects. Through campaign donations, Leone was able to raise almost $250,000 from individual investors.

Terrifier 3, the third movie in the series, is reportedly in pre-production and has an even larger budget than the previous two. The precise sum is yet unknown.

Nonetheless, it will have a “low-mid seven-figure budget,” according to Priscilla Smith, executive producer and CEO of The Coven, a French distribution business.

Smith has also declared, “All jokes aside, we are going for that Oscar this year,” following a fan-driven effort spearheaded by horror-focused publication Bloody Disgusting to have Terrifier 2 nominated for an Academy Award that gained some traction but eventually failed. Lisa and Phil Falcone, who executive produced the first two installments, will be producing again.

Where and When Can You Watch ‘Terrifier 3’?

Just in time for Halloween, Terrifier 3 is scheduled to frighten its way into theaters on October 25, 2024.

Terrifier 3 will have an exclusive theatrical release before heading to streaming services, which is not surprising given the unexpected success of Terrifier 2’s theatrical premiere and box office results.

It was revealed in June 2023 that the film’s North American distribution rights had been purchased by Cineverse, an entertainment business that intends to widen the film’s theater release. After the movie closes in cinemas, it will only be available to stream on Screambox, the streaming service from Cineverse.

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‘Terrifier 3’: What Will Be The Plot?

The exact storyline of Terrifier 3 is still under wraps, as the film is currently in production and slated for release sometime in 2024. However, based on what we know from the previous films and some hints from director Damien Leone, here’s what we can expect:

Art the Clown’s Return: The main focus will undoubtedly be on the return of the sadistic and seemingly immortal Art the Clown. The second film ended with Art being seemingly destroyed, but Leone has confirmed that he will be back for more mayhem.

We can expect him to continue his reign of terror on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County, likely with even more brutal and creative methods of killing.

Christmas Setting: Terrifier 3 takes place on Christmas Eve, adding a new layer of horror to the already unsettling atmosphere. Imagine children excitedly waiting for Santa Claus, only to be met by the grinning face of Art the Clown. This festive backdrop could lead to some truly disturbing scenes.

Victoria and the Pale Little Girl: The fates of Victoria and the Pale Little Girl, two characters introduced in the second film, remain unclear. Victoria forms a strange bond with Art, while the Pale Little Girl seems to be connected to him in some way.

Their roles may be expanded in the third film, exploring the dynamics between them and Art further.

More Supernatural Elements: The Terrifier franchise has hinted at supernatural elements before, and these may play a more prominent role in the third film. Art’s resilience and the Pale Little Girl’s abilities could be explained by something beyond the realm of the physical.

Unpredictable Violence: One thing’s for sure: Terrifier 3 won’t shy away from violence. Director Damien Leone is known for his over-the-top and gruesome kill scenes, and we can expect even more of that in the next installment. Be prepared for some truly stomach-turning moments.

To sum up, Terrifier 3 appears to be a harsh and frightening horror movie that will push the boundaries of the genre.. One thing is certain: Art the Clown is back and ready to unleash yet another wave of terror on Miles County, even though the precise plot details are yet unknown.

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What Will Be The Terrifier 3 Cast?

David Howard Thornton is returning as Art the Clown in the Terrifier sequel. He’s known for playing the killer clown and recently portrayed a murderous version of “The Grinch” in The Mean One.

Lauren LaVera, who played Sienna Shaw in the Terrifier franchise, is back as the protagonist. Sienna’s character transforms supernaturally, symbolizing a biblical battle between good and evil, with her dressing as an angel warrior on Halloween night. Damien Leone, the director, believes Sienna is important to the brand.

Elliot Fullam and Samantha Scaffidi return as Jonathan Shaw and Victoria Heyes. Pro wrestler Chris Jericho, from Terrifier 2’s end-credits scene, reprises his role as Burke, a psychiatric hospital attendant. The Halloween-themed sequel explores Art the Clown’s paranormal prowess.


To sum up, Thanks to crowdfunding and the popularity of its predecessors, Art the Clown is expected to make a bigger comeback in the much-awaited Terrifier 3. The film is slated for a theatrical release on October 25, 2024, just in time for Halloween, followed by streaming on Screambox.

Fans may anticipate Art’s gory reign of terror in a Christmas scene, possibly incorporating otherworldly aspects, while the storyline specifics are still unknown. Known faces return to the group, including Chris Jericho in a cameo role and Lauren LaVera resuming her role as Sienna Shaw.

David Howard Thornton plays Art. Terrifier 3, with its past of vicious and erratic violence, seems to be another terrifying entry in the horror series. Therefore this is all about Terrifier 3


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