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Tell Me Your Secret Season 2: Release Date and All About!

tell me your secrets season 2

Tell me your secret season 2 is a television series which has been created by Harriet Warner. She has created this as an American drama which is in thriller drama. Basically, tell me your secrets has a trio of people, with each one of them having a disturbed alarmed and troubled past. And three of them having their pasts converging at one stage. Which is in sense called a mysterious past there are food actors framing in the series Emma Marie John and Peter. Who are obsessed with the truth of their unbelieving past which each time making them to grow bad and very useless.

“Tell Me Your Secret Season 2” Premise

In the series, there are three characters three people and each one of them has a backstory of their troubled and dull stage which has been shown in the previous season, pushing them to the truth about their real past which is the real twist and reason of readers for demanding for season 2.

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Which has been becoming a reason of the dull Ness in their life. MARY is a weeping and grieving mother in the series. She is obsessed to find her daughter who is lost. Emma is a person who has been taken away by the dangerous killer. She has been hypnotized emotionally by that killer.

Here for you all: is the official trailer of tell me your secret season 2 :

“Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2” Expected Cast:

Lily rabe is on curtain as Emma Hall

Hamish Linklater is on curtain as John Tyler

Enrique Marciano is on curtain as Peter

Amy Brenneman is on curtain as Mary Barlow

Chiara Aurelia It’s on curtain as rose Lord

Ashley is on curtain as Lisa

Xavier Samuel is on curtain as kit Parker

Bryant tardy Is on curtain as Jay Abelard

Elliot is on curtain as Jake

Stela is on curtain as Theresa Barlow

Chase stocks in on curtain as Adam

Charles Esten is on curtain as Saul Barlow

Richard Thomas is on curtain as Bodie lord

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Plot of “Tell Me Your Secret Season 2”

The season 2 will focus on the loose strands of season 1. It will show what will happen to John after Emma attacks to the audiences. It will show the two intriguing plots involving ‘The Jerome House’.

Will There Be a “Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2” ?

The first season of tell me your secrets release date was February 19, 2021 but after that there was no such chance or updates of having a season two for this series there has been no updates till yet for such news.

Release Date of “Tell Me Your Secret Season 2”?

Amazon has not yet renewed anything about ‘Tell Me Your Secret Season 2’ but it can be soon. We all are expecting it to be released soon. If Amazon decided to renew it by end of 2021 then it will be released in the year 2023 as expected.

How Many Seasons Are There in “Tell Me Your Secrets”?

Till now there is one season with 10 episodes of tell me your secret series and soon there are very high updates and chances of releasing of season 2 also for this series because of the high ratings which readers has given to the writer for this tell me your secret season 1.

Is “Tell Me a Secret Season 2” is Based on Any Book ?

There are many psychological thrillers which has series and also have their stories from certain books or refer some books. But, tell me your secret is a series which is in its own and does not refer or is based or have a basis of any kind of book.

Frequently Asked Question

Tell Me Your Secret Season 2 Trailer?

The official trailer of the series season 2 has been released and is watchable and available on the amazon prime. Also, you can get the link of the trailer of season 2 of tell me your secrets in this article below.

Who Is Adam in Tell Me Your Secrets?

In the series chase stocks has been on the curtain as Adam.

What is Karen Miller’s secret?

Karen Miller is was committed to a guy called Ket Parker. Who was a serial killer and and she being in contact with him. She was apprehended and when she was re-released from the prison. But, she was put in the witness protection program. And this was all because of kit Parker who had this image in the series. She was then in the last edit by officer whose name was Pete Guillory.

 What Is the Genre of Series?

Crime drama mystery

 Which Is the Original Network of the Series?

Amazon prime video

In Tell Me a Secret Season 1 There Are Total 10 Episodes:

1: Once I had a love

2: Burn me when I am gone

3: Someone worse than me

4: I don’t know you

5: I got here by myself

6: I am a good person

7: Now You see me

8: be mine

9: Gotcha

10: The dead come back


Tell me your secret has this title only because there was a secret. Which was revealed in the end of the series was the reason of framing all of the series in just one title and secret.

Its conclusion streams with a quite shocking twist which happens at the end of the series. Teresa is not dead, this was also revealed put in the end. But, she is the blood sucker the pre-deter herself. It was Teresa who is jealous of Karen Teresa was having an affair with the kit Parker. Teresa with no reason was jealous from Karen who was who is pregnant and has a baby in womb. Karen had done nothing with Theresa she just fought for herself injured during the week. But, for Teresa there was no way killing, so it was in the end revealed that Teresa was not dead.

Readers are demanding for the next season so that it can have the continuation so this is making high chances of season 2 to release soon!.

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