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“Teen Mom” Star Leah Messer is in a “Healing Process” Following a “Difficult” Split With Jaylan Mobley

Leah Messer is for the first time discussing her breakup with ex-boyfriend Jaylan Mobley.

As she continues to work through the separation, the Teen Mom star tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that she is “doing great.”

“The beginning of my breakup was challenging. However, there is a healing process and a grieving process following any breakup “the 30-year-old reality star says. “When you form an attachment and a connection with someone, you have the right to grieve if the relationship doesn’t work out.”

However, I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with my daughters and continuing our family traditions.

In September 2021, the MTV star made her relationship with Mobley’s Instagram official. In August, PEOPLE then reported their engagement. Their separation was confirmed after two months.

"Teen Mom" Star Leah Messer is in a "Healing Process" Following a "Difficult" Split With Jaylan Mobley

Messer and Mobley announced their decision to “move forward as friends” in a joint statement addressing their split. They also promised to “always love and respect each other.”

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Messer’s understanding of the importance of self-care has been of benefit to him since the breakup.

“I believe self-care looks different for everyone,” she explains. “So whether it’s a spa day, meditation, or hiking, the way I ground myself is through the Earth. Whether it’s walking, hiking, or a spa day, I adore outdoor activities. In addition, music nourishes my soul. It just does.

As a mother of three daughters, it is especially important for Messer to prioritize herself and her needs.

She says, “I believe it is crucial that we take time for ourselves and have a strong support system and friends.” “I think it’s enormous.”

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