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Taylor Swift Unveils a Midnights Song Title; Here’s Everything We Know About the Album

The talented singer took everyone by surprise when she announced at the 2022 Video Music Awards that her upcoming project would not be one of her re-recorded albums, as had been speculated, but rather her highly anticipated tenth studio album, titled Midnights.

After two unexpected drops with Evermore and Folklore, Swift has returned to release patterns that she has used in the past by making an initial announcement and slowly trickling out information about her new album. Swift’s longtime fans are well aware of how much Taylor Swift enjoys releasing surprises and Easter eggs in her music.

To cut a long tale short, in order to get ready for the album’s release on October 21, EW has compiled all of the information that we currently have regarding Midnights. Be sure to come back for updates, as we will be making them to this article as we obtain new information.

The Songs

Swift did take to her social media accounts on September 21 to poke fun at her Easter egg-giving ways and reveal that she’d be releasing one track title at a time, at random, in a video series cheekily called “Midnights Mayhem with Me.” Despite the fact that a lead single has not yet been announced, Swift did take to her social media accounts on September 21. The name “Mastermind” was revealed to be the first song title, and it was found on the album’s thirteenth track. On previous versions of the album cover, the tracks were solely identified by their numbers, such as “Track One,” “Track Two,” etc. The standard edition of the album will include a total of thirteen tracks when it is released (more on that below).

After veering away from such subjects considerably with her last two albums, Swift will make a return to more personal subject matters in the songs on her upcoming album. She referred to Midnights as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life” in the note that she sent out promoting the book.

“This is a collection of music that was written in the middle of the night, and it is a voyage through pleasant dreams and terrifying nightmares. The rooms we walk through and the challenges we face. For all of us who have tossed and turned and chosen to keep the light of the lantern and continue searching in the vain hope that when the clock strikes twelve… we’ll finally find ourselves, here’s a poem: “Swift was the author. It is safe to assume that this indicates that, despite the gloomy seeming title of the album, there will be a variety of songs that range from deeper to brighter in tone, and possibly even a blend of musical styles.

When and Where to Buy

You will be able to pre-save the album on Apple Music and Spotify beginning today, and it will be accessible to stream beginning on October 21. Swift’s website is now accepting pre-orders for physical copies of the album, which may be purchased in the form of vinyl, CDs, or cassette tapes. Pre-orders will be fulfilled on the day the album is officially released. It is possible that the regular edition of the album has explicit content because a clean version of the album is also being offered, but this does not negate the fact that the record does contain explicit content.

There are currently four different editions of the album that are available, and they are named for the colors they come in: the Moonstone Blue Edition (which is the normal version), the Jade Green Edition, the Blood Moon Edition, and the Mahogany Edition. one of four collectible albums, each with its own one-of-a-kind front and back cover art; one of four collectible discs with one-of-a-kind artwork; one of four marbled color CD discs; and one collectible lyric booklet with photos that have never been published before.

Bonus Content

There is a separate additional edition of the album that can be purchased at Target and it has been given the name the Lavendar Edition. Swift has a long-standing relationship with Target, and like she has done in the past, she has made this edition available there. According to the information provided on the product page for the store Target, this new edition will include a total of three bonus tracks, two of which will be remixes. These songs are exclusive to this edition of the album and will not appear on any of the others.

Producers and Collaborators

However, in a behind-the-scenes video that was uploaded to Swift’s Instagram, frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff can be seen, which leads one to believe that he produced Midnights as well. Antonoff was involved in the production of songs on Swift’s previous albums 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore. Swift has not commented on any possible collaborations, but the video does suggest that Antonoff did so.

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