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Susana Herrick Death: Remembering the Dedicated Dentist and Philanthropist

Dr. Susana Herrick is from New York, and she went to Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) for her college studies. She did well in both school and sports at CCSU. She played Division 1 volleyball and lacrosse while getting her science bachelor’s degree. Her love of dentistry led her to the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, where she got her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2008.

Dr. Herrick went above and beyond her studies to help people. During her time in dental school, she went on a service trip to Belize where she gave people there much-needed dental care. She also volunteered at places like the South Park Homeless Shelter, Give Kids a Smile, the Connecticut Mission of Mercy, and the Special Olympics. By doing these things, she showed that she cared about and was committed to bettering the oral health of people in underserved areas.

Dr. Herrick did a General Practice Residency at Hartford Hospital for one year to learn more about dentistry and improve her skills. This intensive school gave her the chance to learn more about all parts of general dentistry.

She learned a lot about how to help people with complicated medical problems, how to treat facial injuries, how to help people in emergencies, and how to give drugs. This thorough training gave her the skills she needed to give excellent dental care to people of all ages and with different needs or challenges.

Dr. Susana Herrick’s path through school and her desire to keep learning show that she is always committed to giving complete and caring dentistry care. The things she learned in school, along with all the service work and residency training she did, made her a highly skilled dentist who could give her patients great care.

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Susana Herrick Death

Susana did well in her chosen field of work because she was dedicated, smart, and had a great work ethic. Her colleagues admired her for being professional, leading by example, and being ready to go the extra mile. This showed how dedicated she was to success.

Susana will be remembered for more than just her personal and professional accomplishments. She will also be remembered for her charitable work and her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others. Her desire to give back to her community and fight for causes that were important to her touched the lives of many people and showed how caring she was.

Susana Herrick Death

Susana’s parents, brothers, and extended family will always remember and love her. Her friends, who were lucky to have her unwavering company and support, will miss her a lot. Susana’s love and kindness will continue to inspire and uplift us all, telling us to be kind, seek knowledge, and enjoy each precious moment.

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During this time of great loss, let’s find comfort in coming together to help each other and share stories and memories that keep Susana’s spirit living in us. May she find peace for all time, and may her bright spirit always shine on us. Even though we can’t see or hear her, we will always love, miss, and treasure her.

Susana Herrick Death Notice

Dr. Susana “Sue” Herrick was a well-liked dentist and lacrosse coach. Her death has left a hole in the community. As the owner of Herrick Family Dentistry on Hebron Avenue, she was known not only for being a great dentist but also for being kind and loving. Many people are saddened by the news of her death, including her husband Zach, and their two children, Isabella and Gabriella.

In a note to patients, Emily Roether, the office manager at Herrick Family Dentistry, told them that she was very sad and that she was sorry from the bottom of her heart. Dr. Herrick’s hard work, love, and unwavering dedication to her job left an indelible mark on many people, both in her field and in the wider community.

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She was a leader with a clear vision who pushed her team to do their best and make a difference in the lives of the people they helped.

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