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Susan Wojcicki Net Worth: Why Did Susan Leave Youtube?

Susan Wojcicki’s Net Worth: Susan Wojcicki is leaving her position as CEO of YouTube after nine years in the position. Neal Mohan will succeed her as YouTube’s chief product officer.

Wojcicki served as senior vice president for ad products at Google and as a management consultant at Bain & Company in the past. What is her net worth?

Susan Wojcicki’s Net Worth

Forbes estimated that Wojcicki’s net worth in 2022 was $765 million. Several sources indicate she got a monthly salary of $374,829 while employed by the Alphabet subsidiary YouTube.

In 1998, Wojcicki rented her garage to Sergey Brin and Larry Page, co-founders of Google. In 1999, she was appointed the company’s first marketing manager.

She was a staunch advocate for Google’s acquisition of YouTube, and the $1.65 billion deal was consummated in 2006 with her support.

Susan Wojcicki Net Worth
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Prior to joining Google and YouTube, Wojcicki had positions at Intel and Bain & Company. She served as YouTube’s chief executive officer from 2014 until February 2023.

Resignation of Susan Wojcicki

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, Wojcicki revealed her resignation in a blog post titled “personal update” because she wanted to start a “new chapter focused on my family, health, and personal initiatives I’m passionate about.”

In a memo to YouTube staff, she stated, “The time is appropriate for me to step down, and I am confident in my ability to do so because YouTube has an exceptional leadership team.”

She stated, “The time is right, and I’m confident in my ability to execute this because YouTube has an outstanding leadership team. When I joined YouTube nine years ago, assembling an exceptional leadership team was one of my top priorities.

Mohan was one of these executives, and he will now serve as YouTube’s SVP and new CEO.

Youtube CEO

Neal Mohan has big shoes to fill, but he has a wealth of expertise as YouTube’s chief product officer since 2015.

He earned a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University and had several positions at Accenture and Microsoft.

“He has an excellent understanding of our product, our company, our creative and user communities, and our staff. “Neal will be an excellent leader for YouTube,” Wojcicki said in the memo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Susan Leave Youtube?

Susan Wojcicki, the current CEO of YouTube, is resigning after nine years in the position. She stated in a blog post that she had “chosen to begin a new chapter centered on my family, health, and personal projects that I am passionate about.”

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, will assume leadership of the Google-owned video platform.

Does Susan Wojcicki Have a Billion-dollar Net Worth?

In 2022, her net worth was expected to be $765 million. Santa Clara County, California, U.S. Wojcicki has worked in the technology industry for almost twenty years.

In 1998, when Google’s founders first established an office in her garage, she became involved with the company’s formation.

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Susan Wojcicki is leaving her position as CEO of YouTube after nine years, and Neal Mohan will succeed her as chief product officer. Susan Wojcicki is leaving YouTube to focus on her family, health, and personal projects.

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