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Summoned to Another World Again Episode 5: Release Date Update in 2023!

Summoned to Another World Again Episode 5 Release Date: In the fourth episode of Summoned to Another World for a Second Time, titled “Receiving a Gift for a Second Time,” the Demonic Kingdom is nearly delivered over to the war’s true mastermind.

Setsu ultimately steps in to save the day as Terran pulls multiple strings and manipulates a vulnerable Dezastol to seize control of the Demon Kingdom. Interrupting a wedding celebration is the ideal way for the hero to declare his return.

Dezastol feels hopeful that peace will soon return to the realm now that Setsu has returned with the repaired brooch that represents his departure and abandonment of the realm.

Here are the most recent developments.

Summoned to Another World Again Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of “Summoned to Another World for a Second Time” will be made available to watch online on May 6, 2023. Because it is an ongoing anime series, new episodes are typically released on Saturdays.

Summoned to Another World Again Episode 4 Recap

Setsu recalls the time five years ago when he realized his powerlessness in the world and made the decision to seize authority as a dictator in order to put an end to the never-ending bloodshed and carnage. After winning the decisive battle against the Demon Lord, he is now able to offer peace to everyone.

Dezastol had taken Setsu’s words to heart and kept her pledge for a considerable amount of time after she did so. The brooch that she wore had been a gift from Setsu; but, shortly after Setsu had returned to the native world, the brooch had become damaged and was split into several pieces.

While the demon lord was absent, a message informed him that their forces had once again come under attack from the army of Justinian. Dezastol does everything in her power to avoid jumping to conclusions, and she remains true to her word that she will not start another war. She even makes an effort to communicate with Distinia.

Terran asks the Demon Lord for a meeting, which the Demon Lord graciously agrees to because of his stellar reputation. He presents an offer to end the war with Distinia using the might of his firm and fortune in exchange for Dezastol’s hand in marriage. This offer is made in exchange for a hand in marriage.

Summoned to Another World Again Episode 5

He gives Dezastol a necklace that has a curse attached to it that forces the wearer into service, and then he walks away so that Dezastol can contemplate his offer. She regrets breaking the promise that she made to Setsu and is willing to take seriously the request that was made by Terran if it is the only way to bring an end to the conflict.

Terran, on the other hand, is not the real genius behind the strategy; rather, he is only another pawn in the game that is being played by a more significant player. In return for his service to his master, he is granted the right to wed Dezas and is given authority over the Demonic Kingdom.

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A big burst through the glass sends Setsu in to save her from Terran, just as the marriage is on the verge of going through and the necklace is on its way to being worn. Setsu battles against himself while his backup comes in to attack him, but just at the right moment, Levia comes in to stop them and hold them off.

He is unable to kill the hooded shadow user who engages him in combat for a little while before going to report back to his master. Setsu makes the decision to proceed to the next stage of his plan, which is to make contact with Regulus, the leader of the Beastmen, and request assistance from them.

However, before he leaves, he brings back the repaired brooch and hangs it around her neck as a way of reassuring Dezastol one last time after five years have passed.

Summoned to Another World Again Cast

Cast Voice Artist
Hanabashira, Yuuhi Amano, Satomi
Leviathan Fairouz, Ai
Sereno, Desastre Oonishi, Saori
Suzaki, Setsu Toki, Shunichi
Verso, Eruka Maeda, Kaori
Alize Itou, Miku

Summoned to Another World Again Episode 5

Rating Of Summoned to Another World Again

There are a lot of people that watch anime, and a lot of those individuals share their thoughts about the shows they watch on websites like IMDb, where they can give either positive or negative criticism.

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The opinions expressed in these reviews can help those who have not yet watched the film decide whether or not they should do so. Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu has been given a score of 7.0 out of 10 on IMDb, which is determined by the ratings and comments that users of the website have given it.

Review Of Summoned to Another World Again

The protagonist of the light book Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu is a man who is summoned to another planet, quickly rises to fame, and is then forcibly sent back to his own world as an infant. The protagonist, who earlier rescued people from the parallel universe, is now a depressed senior in high school.

But fate has other plans, and he finds himself unexpectedly summoned back to the same parallel universe. This is a fascinating new perspective on the Isekai genre. Isekai readers will appreciate the unexpected turns in this story.

Where to Watch?

Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu is an exciting and captivating anime series about a man who travels to a magical realm. The series is available on Crunchyroll and is a must-watch for anime aficionados. The show’s breathtaking visuals, captivating narrative, and distinct characters captivate viewers.

The series is compelling viewing for anyone who enjoys a good story because it also explores love, sorrow, and redemption. Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu is a superb anime that is worth viewing on Crunchyroll.

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