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“suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” Trailer Reveals Kevin Conroy’s Last Batman Role

The release date for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was revealed in a new video that was shown during The Game Awards 2022. The trailer also paid honour to the late actor Kevin Conroy for his role as Batman.

The announcement that “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” will be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and personal computers on May 26, 2023 was made official with the debut of the trailer the night before (December 9).

The arrival of Batman in the game, who the suicide squad is tasked with eliminating, was the primary emphasis of the clip. However, the appearance of the Dark Knight in “Kill the Justice League” seems to be very different from the hero that many fans are familiar with, as he is depicted killing a guard and throwing the guard’s body in front of Task Force X. This indicates that the Dark Knight is not the same as the hero that many fans are familiar with.

When the game is no longer there, Batman utters the phrase “I’m retribution. The night is within me. It then displays the line of text “Thank you, Kevin,” followed by the phrase “I’m Batman.”

Following the presentation of the video, host of The Game Awards Jeff Cayley announced that Conroy provided his voice for the concluding phrase of the trailer and will provide his voice for Batman in “Kill the Justice League.”

Conroy, who provided the voice of Batman in a number of different television shows and video games, including the Arkham series developed by Rocksteady, the company that was responsible for creating the Justice League, passed away last month after a long struggle with cancer.

Mark Hamill, who frequently appeared on screen with Conroy in the role of the Joker, remarked, “Kevin was amazing.” “He was one of my favourite persons on the entire earth, and I loved him as if he were my own brother. He showed genuine concern for the people in his immediate environment, and his integrity shone through in everything that he did. My spirits improved whenever I was around him or had a conversation with him.

Casting and dialogue director Andrea Romano said, “Kevin was much more than an actor I had the pleasure of choosing and directing; he was my dear friend for more than 30 years, whose kindness and generosity knew no bounds.” “Kevin was much more than an actor I had the pleasure of choosing and directing.”

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