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Students finding it tough to fill financial aid forms

When a candidate is applying for a seat in the University, it means the applicant has to fill out two more forms seeking financial aid. The two forms are Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the College Scholarship Search profile. However, it is not easy to fill these two forms because of the complexity involved and students might find it difficult to manage the forms individually. The purpose of the forms is to help the University’s Office of Financial Aid to determine the financial position of the student. They will get an idea that how much should be the contribution of the University and how much could the family of the student afford. Many who have filled the CSS form said it was not easy because of the number of financial documents required. The students will have to depend their family to complete the financial aid forms.

Family finances

However, it helped some students to get a clear picture of their own family’s finances for the first time. But some smart students used the YouTube tutorials to fill the form. For the confusing students, the information on the internet proved handy. It was not the first time the CSS profile was criticized for creating tension for students. Lafayette College had already announced it would no longer require CSS profiles for its lower-income applicants. Similarly, the University of Chicago also provides an alternative financial aid worksheet. It is important to provide the Office of Financial Aid with sufficient information, making the process cumbersome for some students. One parent said: “Even we are finding it difficult to fill the form. How can we expect our children to do it easily then? They need help and guidance.” Some college counselor guided students in filling the financial aid application process. Some students said the financial aid application is more complicated than the actual application for admission.

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