Streamline cross-border travel rules, North American leaders urged

The Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable, American and Canadian business leaders have urged the Presidents of the United States and Mexico and Canada’s Prime Minister to streamline cross-border travel rules when they meet at the Three Amigos Summit in Washington. For a strong economic recovery in North America, it is important to remove the mandatory pre-departure PCR test requirement for fully vaccinated travellers coming into Canada, they pointed out. Canada, the United States, and Mexico have already established a balanced, reciprocal trade agreement. Canada’s travel rules are out of step with the international community, they said.

Remove friction

Countries including France, Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom have recognized that requiring pre-departure and arrival tests for vaccinated travellers is redundant. “The leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico should prioritize removing friction from our mutual borders. It is the only way to ensure people and businesses can get back to normal. Canada’s rules on international travel risk are leaving our businesses behind. Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is joining with our international colleagues and partners in the Canadian travel and tourism sectors in calling on our heads of state to encourage Canada to streamline its travel rules and remove the pre-departure PCR test for vaccinated travellers needed to enter into Canada. Getting rid of unnecessary and outdated travel rules will help Canada’s businesses get back to work – and compete,” said Perrin Beatty, President & CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

“The U.S.-Canada border has yet to return to pre-pandemic normal operation, and recent changes fall short of a “new normal” to which citizens and businesses can adapt. As Minister of Foreign Affairs during 9/11, I have seen firsthand the necessity of cross-border policy cooperation. American and Canadian leaders have worked together to solve greater cross-border risks; we need to continue this approach. The mandatory pre-departure PCR test for fully vaccinated travellers is not rooted in science and should be removed,” said John Manley, Canada’s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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